Yanni Hufnagel: Renowned Basketball Coach

Yanni is a basketball coach who hails from a Jewish origin. He started his career back in New York City. As he was growing up, he invested heavily in books and related his knowledge mostly to the basketball game. Yanni was working in his local area television show in the games docket. His co-host always believed that he could either land in the coaching or media sports industry. His success manifested itself back in university when he was appointed as a basketball manager. He scooped an internship back in the New Jersey. Immediately after his graduation, he got a chance to coach courtesy of his longtime colleague, Jeff Capel. He immediately flew to Oklahoma for an interview.

During his start, he was paid a salary equal to that of an intern. Later, he got the job and started building up a basketball team. Yanni became a recognized figure in the basketball game mainly when it came to coaching. Other than being so much into games, his educational background is worth noting. Yanni holds a degree in industrial and labor relations and one in adult higher education. His career has flourished since he has been coaching big schools like the Harvard and Alma mater. He is known for his great skill in recruiting players due to his coaching experience.

Scarsdale, New York City, is where Yanni was raised. He used to play Lacrosse for his high school together with his younger brother Alec. He was then placed in the local television to commentate games for his team. Yanni was once a defense man back in Pennsylvania University. In Oklahoma, Yanni serving as a graduate assistant coach. Before he completed his career, Yanni was given credit for coaching Blake Griffin, who is now a popular player for the Los Angeles Clippers in NBA.


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