What Digital Marketing Agencies can Learn from the White Shark Media’s Business Strategies

White Shark Media is a reputable digital marketing firm that began serving clients with tailored online marketing solutions in 2011. These solutions suit all business irrespective of their sizes. White Shark Media earned its reputation from developing affordable search marketing campaigns. Today, the firm is among the largest online marketing service providers.

Business Strategies

For a company to succeed in the digital marketing industry, it must adopt unique business strategies. Through its suite of proprietary marketing tools and tactics, White Shark Media has managed to stay on the top of the industry. The company also keeps track of customers’ marketing endeavors.

White Shark Media manages to account for customers’ marketing efforts through diverse tools. These include competitive intelligence, proprietary reporting software, keyword-level call tracking, and Google Analytics integration.

Provision of World Class Experience

The success tale of White Shark Media began when three Danish entrepreneurs, with shared visions for the SMB market, came together. The trio wanted to create services and products that would prevail in the US and South America. White Shark Media was launched to implement these visions. Today, the firm maintains its presence in international SMB markets thanks to its commitment to customer satisfaction.

White Shark Media’s tremendous growth was recognized by Google back in 2012. In appreciation of the firm’s growth, Google invited the employees of White Shark Media for a tour at the Google Headquarters in Mountain View California. In addition to the invite, Google added White Shark to its Google AdWords Premier SMB Partners list. In the US, only 29 companies, including White Shark, made it to the list.

Future Plans

According to the agency’s CEO, Alexander Nygart, White Shark Media seeks to double its size in the near future. The agency looks forward to achieving this goal through professional qualities such as creativity, experience, and dedication. The agency also seeks to establish more partnerships in the SMB market through its results-driven campaigns.

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