The Purpose of Wireless Containment Solutions (WCS) with Robert Johnson

The correctional facilities are there to see that the inmates get a chance to reform and become a better version of themselves. The other purpose the jail facilities are purposed to do is to ensure that the public is safe from individuals who may harm them. The two objectives of the correctional facilities cannot be met if there are contraband cells and other illegal commodities in the facilities.

The use of contraband cells is the mother of all evils in the prisons. All the illegal commodities are ordered through the cells. There was a video circulated by Securus Technologies of a prisoner brandishing a knife. These incidences lead to murder cases in jail and inmates hurting each other. Securus Technologies is dedicated to seeing there are no such cases.

The FCC met to discuss the dangers of contraband cells in the facilities. Robert Johnson attended the meeting to give his testimony to show the damage the illegal cells can cause. Johnson is an ex-officer who is currently working as a paid consultant of Securus Technologies.

Robert Johnson is a survival of the ugly incidence of a setup of the contraband cells. It all started when he confiscated illegal things worth $50000, the inmates involved were obviously not pleased with his actions, and they resolved to kill him. One morning when he was preparing for work, he had some loud noises, and when he called out from the hallway, his attacker came, and the only thing he remembers from here is waking up in a hospital bed.

In the meeting, they were suggestions of having the mobile networks blocked completely in the correctional facilities. However, the federal law forbids blocking network completely in any area. Securus Wireless Containment Solutions (WCS) is the best solution to the problem.

This means that Securus Technologies has created a mobile network in the correctional facilities. However, the WCS only allows authorized numbers from the facilities. The WCS blocks all the other calls from reaching the other individuals, protecting the people in the free world. WCS also blocks any internet connections from the facilities. In the past years, the facility has managed to block more than 1.7 calls from inmates. The calls might have caused damage to innocent people.

Recently, a nine-month-old baby boy was shot in broad daylight in the arms of his mother. This was an order from the correctional facilities. The reason for the malicious act was that some inmates were not pleased with the way the uncle was behaving.

Robert Johnson says this is disturbing and needs to come to an end. Despite having undergone 23 surgeries and living with pain all his life, he is determined to see that there are no contraband cells in the jail facilities.


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