The Multifaceted And Successful Career Of Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar has a successful career as an entrepreneur and a man of business. He is in the field of real estate although he has had companies specializing in entertainment and banking. After working in finances for twenty years he created TDL Global Ventures so he could provide individuals needing home loans with some relief. Todd Lubar keeps himself busy with his children, exercising, and his business. One of the reasons he has been so successful is because he knows how to prioritize. He is interested in remote technology and likes the idea of controlling everything from his security system to ceiling fans simply by touching a button on his phone.

According to Patch, Todd Lubar learned the true value of money when he while he was in high school. He went to work at a local grocery store and quickly decided this was not the business for him. He believes in honest, hard work. He never loses sight of what he wants in the future and understands the significance of being willing to work to make his dreams a reality. His business has grown because he establishes an environment of communication, honesty and trust. He has the ability to switch strategies quickly. If something is not working he is willing to start over and try something else.

Todd Lubar linked his career with real estate in 1995. His passion for the business made him decide this was the right career for his needs. He worked for several companies and began to develop relationships with individuals critical to the industry. This eventually developed into a foundation of contacts that became an amazing opportunity for a referral business.

Todd Lubar has been involved with demolition, recycling scrap metal, and public trading. He has used every experience he has gained to further his career. He resides in Maryland with his two kids in a charming town called Bethesda. He spends time with his children whenever possible and enjoys traveling, most especially to Orange County, California. He wants to keep improving himself, his life, and the lives of his kids. Todd believes adding value to the lives of those around him is a worthy goal.

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