The Benefits of Rocketship United Academy

Rocketship United Academy offers some of the best opportunities for students to gain everything that is needed in their education. Not only that, they also gain the confidence that is needed to get ahead in life today. Called “Rocketeers,” they learn four basic values.

– Persistence

– Respect

– Empathy

– Responsibility

These core values are taught and reinforced on a daily basis. When someone says that they are taught and reinforced, they don’t mean simply there. No, what they mean is recited and repeated several times throughout the day. That is how the Rocketship United Academy works. These core values are just as important as what the students learn.

Preparing students for the real world is one of the most overlooked aspects in many schools. This school, as a charter school, brings that extra layer of education that those students need. Research has shown repeatedly, that students that are “at risk” can be helped to get on a good track of success in their studies when these extra personal accommodations are included in their education. Many of these students have no real role models at home and need that extra care to feel safe. That safety provides what is needed to provide that care.

Consistency is another aspect that the school offers students. Along with the care they received, which is sometimes lacking at home, is offered in a predictable and very stable environment. That allows people to have what they need as adults. That stability and predictability in childhood is important.

The manner in which the students are taught curriculum is different as well. It includes a social-emotional core curriculum as well. Practicing these healthy life-skills as they learn the core curriculum, students from Rocketship United Academy have an upper-hand in an increasingly competitive world.

All of that is offered at the school to help those students that need another layer of support will benefit from this charter school. It has a high level of success for students. It is a much-needed aspect for those students that are at risk in life. It gives kids that chance that everyone deserves in life.


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