Need a therapist, but don’t have time to find the right one?; Well, there’s an app for that. Introducing Talkspace; an app that helps to connect you with the right therapist with just a few screening questions. After being set up with a real life therapist who you can text in real time, you’re all set. The app is also cheaper alternative compared to other similar apps as well as going to a traditional therapist. This particular app is also helpful for times when those who suffer from depression or anxiety can’t even get out of bed to go physically see a therapist. Another unique feature is that if you are matched with a therapist and if it’s not a good fit, you can switch to another therapist any time. Along with switching therapists, all of the back and forth messages with previous therapists transfer over so there is no need to give a brand new spill every time. If you have difficulty expressing your thoughts out loud to a stranger this is a great way to be able to communicate that to a licensed professional who is available 24/7. If you cant afford a payment or are too overwhelmed to talk, Talkspace allows you to freeze your account for 30 days while also maintaining access to contact your therapist. For people who prefer to type instead of texting over the phone, you can simply log into your Talkspace account on a computer and chat from there. Anyone who is looking for an affordable and easier route to searching for the right therapist should definitely check out Talkspace.

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