Sheldon Lavin is hugely prominent in the meat and sustenance handling industry as the CEO as well as the Chairman of the OSI Group. He is additionally the OSI Foods’ president, a global company and is involved actively in the various company operations. He has created broad industry information since 1970 during his engagement with the financing of OSI Group at the point known as Otto and Sons. OSI Group has rapidly developed from a household food processing organization to a universal industry pioneer through his vision and his leadership qualities. The processing company has over 60 locations in 60 distinct countries.

Born in 1932, Sheldon Lavin went to the University of Illinois as well as Northwestern University studying accounting and finance. He managed a Bachelor of Science degree in Business at Roosevelt University, Chicago, Illinois. He ran his firm which dealt with financial consulting for than 15 years called Sheldon & Associates Incorporation in the downtown Chicago.

Sheldon Lavin has driven OSI to be a multi-billion dollar global food preparing enterprise. Situated in Aurora, Illinois, United States of America, the company provides a vast variety of poultry, fish, meat as well as specialty-dough products to consumers in the food service-distributor, restaurants, and retail, private-label and industrial sectors. The OSI’s items are processed and delivered through over 65 establishments.

He is still the head of OSI’s growth, particularly in Asia as well as Europe. He additionally keeps on driving innovation in OSI. He deems diversification and expansion as the key to the future growth of OSI together with the maintenance of its family-like community.

Furthermore, he is active in support of the Ronald McDonald House organization for over 25 years, as well as being the Chairman and a trustee of its primary campaign. He is as well a supporter of various charities, also is the President of Sheba Foundation and Director of a family charitable organization.

OSI Group is among the most prominent food suppliers on the planet with 20,000 workers at 65 establishments in 17 nations. Its ascension from a humble beginning, to one of the most significant corporate business, is a hugely substantial cut of twentieth-century American monetary history.

The organization is a rising presence in the yet-evolving tale of the current, globalized economy. Sheldon Lavin was given a Global Visionary Award in acknowledgment of his incredible accomplishment of bringing OSI onto the global scene the contribution to the addition of job opportunities on February 20, 2016.

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