Rocketship Education Empowers High Performers from Low-Income Communities

Rocketship Education runs a network of public charter schools in the US. The nonprofit works closely with community organizations, parents and the educators to ensure quality education. This gives low-income children a shot at college and consequently a good job. The network has quickly grown from a single school to over twenty-five public charter schools since launch in 2007.

The network was co-founded by Preston Smith who serves as the CEO. Students get additional learning time through the network’s schools. This enables them to perform better especially in English and mathematics.

Rocketship Education is building a powerful movement in education around San Jose. It is strengthening public education and giving students from low-income families a clearer path to college. This is also a lifeline out of the poverty cycle. The network and educational causes are enjoying tremendous support and goodwill in the region from the business community. Netflix and Facebook have invested heavily in education and related technologies in the San Jose area.

Rocketship Education focuses on grade K through five. It currently has eighteen schools across the country. This includes twelve schools in the Bay Area, three in Nashville, one in Milwaukee, and two in Washington DC. The network operates high-class educational facilities as the pillar of high-quality education. Rocketship Education employs a blended-learning strategy. Strong traditional teaching values are combined with technology including online resources as well as computer-aided learning platforms.

This improves learning and reduces the cost of overheads. The network is committed to enabling more participation by parents in the education their children receive. For example, in Washington DC, parents have a unique wait area equipped with computers and free internet. This provides a break room that makes them feel welcome during pickups or school meetings.

Rocketship Education also gives parents guidance on how to advocate for their children in later years in high school. Besides boosting the number of parent’s events at the school, officials also plan to do house calls to reach out to the parents. The school network is adept at removing barriers to quality education by engaging skilled and inspired teachers, vibrant communities as well as devoted parents and leaders.


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