Mighty Fortress Church and other Architecturally Pleasing Places of Worship in the State of Minnesota

Minnesota might be known as the land of 1,000 lakes but perhaps not surprisingly to the locals it is also a land of great pride and history. Minnesotans are very hard working and industrious, and they transmit that same spirit in their places of worship as well. There are a number of unique and historic churches that call Minnesota home, including the following:

1. Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church (Minneapolis)

This magnificent church has many pointed spires and a steeple that once made it the second tallest building in Minneapolis. Architect Edwin Haley Hewitt modeled the church after Ely Cathedral in Cambridge, England. This church was built around 1916 and features the same English rural Gothic style of the church in England. I guess they were right when they said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

2. Church of Saint Mary’s (New Trier, MN)

The Church of Saint Mary’s is located at 8433 239th Street East in tiny New Trier (population: 112). This church is designed in a Beaux-Arts style which is reminiscent of the many German immigrants from Trier who settled the town. The immigrants first arrived in 1854 and the first church they built was a simple log church. They soon graduated to a larger place of worship and then they decided to build this newer, larger church in 1909. The Church of Saint Mary’s was designed by architect George J. Ries and is now on the National Register of Historic Places.

3. Church of the Holy Communion (St. Peter)

The Church of the Holy Communion is a little A-frame Gothic style church in the scenic community of St. Peter. Designed by noted ecclesiastical architect Henry Martyn Congdon, the church used local Kasota limestone in its construction in 1869. The charming little structure was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1983.

4. Mighty Fortress Church (Minneapolis, MN)

Although these churches of yesteryear are impressive, the time is now for a new approach to places of worship. Mighty Fortress Church seeks to address that.

They have a modern style of architecture that is noted for their informal and relaxed style. Individuals are encouraged to “come as they are” and learn many new insights from God’s Word.

At the helm of this church is Bishop Thomas Williams, who has spent 30 years in professional Christian ministry. He is a firm believer that the problems of sin, poverty, sickness, disease, racism and moral decay can only be solved by the insights found in God’s Word. If you are relocating to the Minneapolis area and are looking for a new church home, you might give the Mighty Fortress Church some serious consideration.

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Equities First Holdings Offers Stock-based Loans as an Alternative Source of Financing

Background of Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings (EFH) is a limited liability company, founded in 2002. The firm specializes in the provision of finance to businesses and high-net-worth individuals. Equities First Holding offers securities-based loans after assessing stocks, bonds, and treasuries risk and future performance. Equities First Holdings’ headquarters is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. However, it has satellite offices in New York City, Sydney, London, Perth, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Bangkok. The company specializes in capital allocation and alternative finance solutions. Its financial to investors include financial solutions to businesses and high net-worth individuals looking for non-purpose capital.

Equities First Holdings develops customized financial solutions to suit the needs of individual borrowers. The firm is famous for providing liquidity through a secure and transparent process. Equities First Holdings’ non-purpose financing helps reduce capital cost by providing ideal financing conditions compared to other traditional options. Traditional financing options do not allow the use of multiple investment accounts as security for loans. Through the use of securities as collateral, the global lender has experienced a significant growth since its inception. Through EFH, borrowers can use stock as collateral to secure working capital. As such, investors acquire capital while benefiting from incentives such as interest, dividends, and appreciation of their investment portfolio.

Equities First Holdings has a history of refunding shares upon the maturity of borrowers’ shares. Just recently, Angle plc announced that Andrew Newland, boss of the Aim-listed medical diagnostics company would repay the £2m cash offered by EFH in exchange of Angle’s shares. Swapping of shares allows borrowers to raise capital quickly even if they do not qualify for traditional credit-based loans. Equities First Holdings is becoming popular among borrowers as an efficient and effective alternative to raising working capital. Equities First Holdings’ increased popularity is attributed to tightening loan qualifications, increased interest rates, and reduced lending options in conventional banks. Stock-based loans serves as a hedging option as they reduce the expected risk. In fact, stock-based loans have a fixed interest rate of between 3-4%. Lastly, stock-based loans are non-recourse; thus, allowing borrowers to denounce the loan even if the value of their stocks decline.

Gregory Aziz Shines Again and Again

Without a doubt, there is one thing that can be said for Gregory James Aziz. He is a man of business who knows how to think big and deliver when it comes to the needs of the general public. Being successful within the halls and outside in the field of major institutions and establishments does not intimidate him. In fact, he makes them steadily practiced and year-long habits all of the time. Perhaps, this is the result of bring an international man of travel with roots in London.



Arguably starting with the best and last of these successes, Gregory J Aziz is the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) for National Steel Car. This particular company is located in Hamilton, Ontario, and it just happens to perform the best services within the freight car industry. But, his record of service to this business is not the only time big ideas to come from him drive the major growth within a business. As a matter of fact, Affiliate foods, which happens to be a family business for him, also knows the benefits of growth from his direction and service. And, that does not include the several other investing baking organizations that can say the same thing even though this service to them is not recognized on the executive level.


Greg James Aziz is a man who lives a world where precision and pinpoint accuracy is an absolute must. His responsibilities and authority are super massive and superlative, which means that his mind is focused on thing most if the time. Engineering and manufacturing freight cars for the rail ways and the innovation of these processes is what makes him so great. The way he makes profit from every project that crosses his path puts him on par with King Midas only without the tragic ending. But, that is what happens when one has all the right connections and an education from some Ridley College and University of Western Ontario.


And, the best part about the success of Greg Aziz is that it actually has a positive effect on other people outside of his professional life. More specifically, the community of Hamilton benefits greatly from him, and his company provides to the public. One of these benefits is the Theatre Aquarius. Other establishments brought to the community are the Hamilton Opera, the United Way and the Salvation Army. Of course, these do not include the National Steel Car Christmas Party or a food drive performed for local food banks.



Fantasy Football Rankings: More Than Meets the Eye

Martavis Bryantt has proven to be an interesting player in the realm of fantasy football. His fantasy football rankings remain rather low due to continuous suspensions. However, it is important to note that Martavis Bryantt has performed exceptionally well in the few games that he has played. With a slight increase in his stats across the board Martinis Bryantt may well find himself with increased fantasy football rankings. It has been argued that he may even reach the stats of a WR1 player. Yet it has been argued that his ascension to a WR1 player could be dependent upon whether Ben Roethlisberger remains healthy. Fantasy football rankings require extensive analysis of play performance. The group known as The Fantasy Footballers tend to be experts on fantasy football rankings. Their podcast conducts in depth analysis of top players and how the players performance on the field affects their fantasy football rankings.


Vijay Eswaran, the founder and the CEO of the QI Group

Vijay Eswaran from India is a renowned businessman, and he is the current Chief Executive Officer of the QI Group. Besides heading the QI Group, a company based in Hong Kong, he is also an author. Born in 1960 to a member of the ministry of labor, Vijay Eswaran’s childhood involved moving from one place to another across Malaysia.

Vijay Eswaran attained his degree in social economic from the London school of economics in the year 1984. After school, Vijay Eswaran did not leave Europe immediately. He rather stayed back and did some odd jobs such as cab driving in London, grapes plucking in France and also worked at a construction site in Belgium. Read more: Executive Chairman of QI Group Vijay Eswaran Talks Business and Philanthropy and Dr. Vijay Eswaran – Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of the QI Group of Companies

Vijay Eswaran went on to do a professional course in CIMA in the UK when he was motivated when he was introduced to binary system marketing. He further advanced to do masters from the southern Illinois University.

During his master’s course, he involved himself in multilevel marketing in synaptic in the US. When Vijay Eswaran was called by Cosway Group in the Philippines, he took MLM seriously.

Vijay Eswaran returned to Malaysia in the year 1998 and immediately started a multilevel company. The company later developed into what is now known as the QI Group.

The business is an e-commerce based dealing with many products and fields including corporate investments, telecommunication, luxury products, media, wellness, and training. The QI Group has since grown into a multinational business and has branches in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand.

Its extent and influence are felt in ten other countries through sub branches. A subsidiary group by the name the Green Venture Capital is in the process of building a QI City in Bandar Meru Raya that will house residential area and commercial area.

Vijay Eswaran as an author has authored the book “in the sphere of silence.” In this book, he entirely covers his success in management and on how he begins his new day with a moment of silence. In addition to this, Vijay Eswaran also published the book “in the thinking zone” that focuses on the thoughts on life and the third book “18 stepping stones” and also the final book “tow minutes from the abyss.”

Highland Seeks The Partnership Of Linda Owen To Effectively Management Its Growing Philanthropic Activities

Following the quick extension of Highland Capital Management, the organization’s leader and administrator recently chose to contract Terry Jones as the Institutional Products division president. Presently, Highland Capital Management (HCM) and its offshoots have over $20 billion in resources under management. Mr. Jones has over 25 years of involvement in the money sector having worked for different organizations. Prior to joining HCM, he served in boards of various organizations which include Lead Director of Battersby Capital Management and Genworth Life Insurance Company.
The Dallas-based investment advisor; Highlands Capital Management was founded by both Jim Dondero and Mark Okada. The organization is a standout amongst the most experienced venture consultants on the planet. The organization is a pioneer in numerous venture items, for example, separate accounts, collateralized loan obligations (CLOs), and institutional products and private equity.
For the last more than 20 years, Highland recorded amazing development both in the quantity of customers and resources under management. The organization is additionally a considerable donor to the community having expanded it magnanimous activities over the years. Linda will organize with The Dallas Foundation, the organization that as of now regulates HCM’s charitable money to give desired outcomes.
As indicated by James Dondero, there was a need for a committed proficient to deal with the extending altruistic exercises in ensuring it has the biggest effect on society. Jim has depicted Linda as a man with a demonstrated reputation for building open private associations in Dallas and a person who shares HCM’s vision in making a tangible effect in society. The commitments by HCM as of now remains over $3 million each year to charity firms. The collected money is used in supporting veterans’ projects, for example, health care, sport, and education in the Dallas community.
Dondero and Highland are more of a powerhouse in the field of offering back to their society. While directing their efforts in Dallas zone, they are supporting different projects, and so far they have made key charitable donations. Dondero invests significant energy to find out about the society, and how his organization can better offer its services. He guarantees that huge donations are made to various foundations in the Dallas zone in addition to companies that serve Texas state.

The Career And Writings Of Architect Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy has been at the American Institute of Architects since February of 2011. He is the organizations Executive Vice President as well as Chief Executive Officer. The organization he leads has almost 88,000 members who are also registered architects as he is himself.

He attended the Sewanee: University of the South and earned a degree in English from this institution in 1969. He graduated cum laude and in addition to majoring in English he also minored in French. He went on to Tulane University which is where he earned his masters of architecture degree in 1976.

Robert Ivy worked in the architectural field for twenty years up until he joined McGraw-Hill companies in 1996. He was the editor in chief of their magazine Architectural Record for over 14 years. He also served at McGraw-Hill as a vice president and editorial director. Among the magazines he oversaw at McGraw-Hill were their design and construction publications. Among these magazines were Engineering News Record, GreenSource, Record in China, Constructor, as well as HQ. He also oversaw a number of regional publications. He left this company in 2011 in order to join the American Institute of Architects.

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While serving as the editor in chief of Architectural Record, Robert Ivy earned a number of publishing industry awards. He won the premier magazine journalism award. He also won the National Magazine Award for General Excellence. His win of this award was surprising because it is almost never given out to those who operate a professional journal. While he was leading the journal it won 26 Jesse H Neal Awards. It also won 7 Ozzies: Folio Design Awards. In 2008 his journal won the award for Website of the Year: Enthusiast.

As an author, Robert Ivy has also published a book. He wrote a biography called, “Fay Jones: Architect” which has been described as the most thorough accounting of this influential architect to this date. His book on this architect was first published in 2001. It is now in its third edition and was cited by the Art Library Society of North America as meeting their highest standards of writing.

Honey Birdette Introduces Commercial Site

Honey Birdette is famed for being one of the best lingerie brands in the world. The brand has been in the international market for a very long time, and it has won the hearts of billions of women. Although the market is very competitive, Honey Birdette has emerged to be one of the leading companies. The company has been growing significantly in the recent times, and it has expanded to several continents.

Just recently, the international brand announced that it was going to launch a United States commercial site. The institution also acknowledged that it was going to expand its portfolio by increasing its stores to at least forty in the year 2018. The organization reached this decision after the recent growth in revenue. According to the company financial details, the institution has registered a 374 percent increase in revenue.

Eloise Monaghan is the prominent figure behind the success of the establishment. Eloise founded the lingerie brand several years ago with the primary aim of offering women the modern underwear they needed. The company wants to reach more clients by the end of the next financial year, and this is why they are introducing the e-commercial site. The first stores of the institution were opened in the year 2016, and they have grown so much due to the quality of products they have given the customers.

The leadership of the company has played a primary role in the success of the brand. The professionals given these positions are experienced and well trained, and they have the ability to tackle all the challenging tasks. The employees are also very passionate about their jobs, and this keeps them motivated at all times. Under the leadership of Eloise, the team has been working very hard to meet the demands of women from all walks of life.

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The Frontera Fund Revolution by Lacey and Larkin

Cases of discrimination in the circles of migrants are nothing new to our ears. It has become an everyday event to hear reports revolving around the issue. Unfortunately, we cannot do away with migration, and we are only left with the option of dealing with injustices that face migrants.

People from all walks of life have a similar objective of improving their livelihood. As a result, they have to relocate from their domicile countries to other nations to improve their life.

Sadly, their new environments are not as welcoming. They face discrimination, cruel treatment, racial attacks and related challenges. Compassionate individuals like Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin have had enough of this, and they have stood firm and made their stand on migrants known to the world.

They have sworn to help them fight their battle to the bitter end. The initiative has been catapulted further by the founding of the Frontera Fund Foundation, an institution aimed at fighting for the rights of Hispanic migrants to the United States.

Freedom comes at a price. For Lacey and Larkin to redeem the migrants from the jaws of racial discrimination, they had to pay a pretty high price. The two were media executives of Village Voice Media when they started speaking against the injustices the Hispanic migrants in Arizona were facing.

For starters, they were unprecedentedly hurled in jail for exposing the illicit misdemeanors of Arpaio, the sheriff of their coveted state, Arizona.

As is the expectations of everyone, the authority ought to be in the forefront upholding the peaceful coexistence of people in any society. However, under the reign of Arpaio, it was the complete opposite. His command was a sham.

He oversaw the fighting against the Mexican in his state, mismanaged state finances, retaliated against his criticizers, ordered the mistreatment and killing of inmates, and unconstitutionally detained Latinos.

Lacey and Larkin refused to turn a blind eye to the injustice. Through Phoenix New Times, they uncovered all the wrongs perpetrated by the sheriff and his office.

They were unmoved by the crude authority running the state, and it was time someone fought tooth and nail for a revolution. It cost them their freedom, but it did not take long before the public rallied behind them demanding for their release.

In an instance, the Frontera Fund came to force. After battling it out of court, the case culminated in favor of the duo. Lacey and Larkin were set to receive a $3.7 million settlement by Maricopa County, which presented a strong base for the establishment of the Foundation.

Presently, it is firmly focused towards fostering the rights of Hispanic migrants and the fight against the abuse of power in Arizona.

Frontera Fund Foundation promotes unity between people from all walks of life. It transcends race, and it is up to fight for the powerless people facing abuse.

It serves to uphold humanity above all else. In its eyes, all human beings are equal regardless of racial differences. The organization has prospered due to the compassion for the less fortunate ingrained in both Lacey and Larkin.

Mike Baur and the role of his Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur is a Swiss professional who runs the Swiss Startup Factory. He uses his knowledge in business matters to help beginners grow their startup businesses. Through his guidance, many businesses have been able to grow successfully and are running very efficiently. Before starting the Swiss Startup Factory, Mike served in the Swiss banking sector for over two decades. His role in the banking sector was that of a financial advisor. He advised the banks he was working under as well as business organizations and individuals who sought his advice. Mike was one of the greatest financial advisers at a very young age, which is something that amazed many who were serving in the banking sector back then. Also following his assistance many businesses were able to make sound financial decisions.



After a long time working with the banking sector, Mike found it prudent to quit and start his own company in line with his career, a company that would see other companies grow. From his experience working in the banking sector, he came in touch with the reality that many startup companies were facing hard times trying to get their operations in order. Most were going through hard times trying to expand their reach to the clientele. It is for this reason that, Mike being well hearted found it important to assist these start-ups handle the initial stages of their operations. His experience advising big business players saw him gain confidence among the business people and relied on him for advice.



To make it more efficient to handle the issue of startup, Mike Baur decided to start his own company that would enable him to exercise his authority with no restrictions. It is for this reason that in 2014 he quit the banking sector and together with two other partners started the Swiss Startup Factory. SSUF was aimed at providing mentorship to the numerous nascent entrepreneurs who lacked the necessary knowledge on business management despite having ideas that are of big impact to the society. The Swiss Startup Factory runs an accelerator program that admits entrepreneurs twice a year to mentor them on business management layout as well as advising them on how to create a market for the products and services as well as the financial sources to grow their ideas. SSUF also offer startups office space to hatch their ideas before moving out to setup their businesses. Mike Baur’s role is commendable and has transformed the growth of startup companies in Switzerland.