Jay Z almost Sealing a Deal with Live Nation

Jay Z is almost sealing his $150 million landmark deal with Live Nation, and now he is sounding out to the other bigwigs in the music industry about considering a stake at Roc Nation. Jay singed a 10-year deal worth $150 million in 2008. The “360 deal” will be up next year and could trigger a “buy-sell”. This means that either side may sell their stakes in Roc Nation or purchase the firms outright. According to sources, Live Nation hopes to keep on with its lucrative touring deal, but it will be backing out of recorded music side.

A music insider claimed that the 360 deal between Jay and Live Nation is not going to be extended. This is because Live Nation had only purchased Jay’s recorded music and rights, but any of those relationships were not going to be extended. The insider stressed that Live Nation had already opted out from the business of purchasing recorded music. However, he added that the company has an established touring relationship with Jay Z, which is worthwhile. It is popularly believed that Live Nation wishes the relationship to go on for many years.

Jay, together with Desiree Perez, who is an executive of Roc Nation, met with the CEO and chairman of the Universal Music Group, Sir Lucian Grainge. This meeting sparked speculations that UMG was planning to buy stakes in Roc Nation. Such a move could provide Jay with more resources that will enable him to develop new artists. UMG insiders claimed that the firm already maintains a distribution deal with the Roc Nation. Though this deal is just a small portion of their musicians’ business, UMG would nevertheless own a larger stake of the Roc Nation artists if they invested heavily.  click on pagesix.com for more

About Desiree Perez

Des is a close associate to an internationally famed rapper, Jay Z. She is a tough negotiator as manifested when she had a hand in Rihanna’s Samsung deal. More to read here.  She is part of the team that runs Roc Nation’s management section, publishing, and labeling operations.  Check saltylens.com for related articles.

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Richard ‘Rick’ Smith: Unrivalled Track Record of Success

One of the primary reasons why the management of Securus Technologies, Inc. appointed Richard ‘Rick’ Smith as its chief executive officer was his excellent track record as a topnotch executive leader for some of the largest telecom corporations in the United States. He successfully guided Global Crossing North America Inc. to financial and operational success during his tenure as the company’s vice president, chief information officer and business development director. He was on the company’s books between 1972 and 1998 before joining Eschelon Telecom Inc. as chief financial officer in 1998.

Know more: https://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/SECURUS-Technologies-Reviews-E40390.htm

At Eschelon Telecom Inc. he further displayed his professional versatility and mastery of organizational processes by serving various roles after leaving the chief financial officer role in 2000 to serve as the company’s chief operations officer. He took up the role in 1999 and left in 2003. This period was marked by professional excellence as he also doubled as Eschelon’s president and chief executive officer; a role he held up to 2007. He oversaw the company’s launch of its IPO 2005 while the company’s value grew seven folds to $350 million within the seven years he worked at the company. In addition to his duties at Securus Technologies, Rick Smith currently serves as a member of board of directors at Integra Telecom Co. Ltd. He also held the same position from 2000 when he joined the company’s executive management ranks.

Steering Securus Technologies Towards Success

Rick Smith Securus reputation as an industry veteran with a stellar career profile is critical for the success of the company, which he not only owns but also serves as the chairman of the its board of directors. The Dallas, Texas-based telecommunication company dealing in law enforcement and public safety will benefit greatly from his keen eye for identification and acquisition of excellent talents for the company while also driving the company’s expansion agenda forward. He was instrumental in the appointment of John Bell as senior vice president in charge of sales in December 2015. He also announced the addition of Josh Conklin to the sales docket as a sales vice president. Mr. Smith believes the two will transform and realign the company’s operations to emerging trends while also retaining the existing markets. Such strategies will be supported by the company’s expansion initiatives, which involve acquisition of strategically positioned companies such as JPay.

Academic Endeavors

Richard ‘Rick’ Smith has a strong academic background in engineering, which has played a crucial role in his career decisions and excellent track record in managing telecommunication companies. He is an alumnus of State University of New York where he graduated with a Master’s degree in Engineering after previously receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the same university. He holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Rochester. He was also awarded an associate degree from Rochester Institute of Technology. Read more articles at Fox34.com.

Online and Offline Marketing with White Shark Media

White Shark Media has been identified as one of the fastest growing digital agencies in North America. White Shark is a Digital Marketing Agency that engineers cost effective Search Marketing campaigns that are customized specifically for small and medium-sized businesses. White Shark Media tracks their clients marketing efforts with tools such as competitive intelligence and proprietary reporting software and Google Analytics integration. Keyword-level call tracking allows White Shark to be fully accountable on a monthly basis to their clients.


Three Danish entrepreneurs founded White Shark Media in Miami, Florida in 2011. Alexander Nygart is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder. Gary Garth is a co-founder and the Chief Business Developement Officer. Andrew Lolk is a co-founder. Each co-founder has extensive experience with both off-line and online marketing. Previously a boutique company, White Shark expanted by helping thousands of business across north and south America, this in turn helped them grow as well. White Shark Marketing is currently comprised of just over one hundred and fifty employees working out of three countries. These employees are in charge of displaying advertising, mastering AdWords searches and utilizing Google Analytics and Bing Ads.


In 2012 Google recognized the rapid growth of White Shark Media and invited them to the Google Head Quarters in California where a support staff was assigned to them to better educate them on client needs. In July of 2014 White Shark media was awarded the Google AdWords™ Premier SMB Partnership. Microsoft also recognized White Shark media for their success with small business related marketing campaigns. This recognition enabled them to participate in the Bing Ads Authorized Reseller program.

Whitney Wolfe, Bumble CEO

Bumble, as a dating app is just one the many apps that exist to help people connect. There are advantages of the app though over other dating apps. The relationships that develop through the app are amazing to see. Here is some information about the app, the founder and the stories of how the Bumble app has helped bring couples together.

Deemed the feminist Tinder app, Bumble allows users to find a friend instead of a date online. It encourages users to swipe left or right depending on their impression of the photo. The only difference is that the people are to be friends rather than dates.

The couples that come from the app are amazing to consider. They find one another based on common interests. Of course each couple has connected based on what they think of the other for looks, but it is markedly different. It is different because it makes friends first, then who knows what could happen.

The founder Whitney Wolfe is a true entrepreneur. She is the CEO of Bumble, the company that brings all of those couples together. As a graduate of Southern Methodist University, she started her first company at 19. By 22, Whitney Wolfe was co-founding Tinder.

Founded in Austin, Texas, Whitney Wolfe had just come through filing a lawsuit against Tinder for sexual harassment when she began the Bumble App. She won $1 million from that settlement.

Today, the Bumble App is the fourth most popular app for social interactions in the targeted age group of 21 to 35. It works to make up for what Tinder failed to provide to women everywhere. It purposefully seeks to connect with people that are looking for substance, rather than just sex. It’s a welcome thing after what happened to Whitney Wolfe years ago.

USHEALTH Group: Champions of Tailor-made Health Insurance Plans

USHEALTH Group, founded in 1982, is committed to providing high quality, affordable and customized health and life insurance services to its clients. With an A – (minus) accreditation by the Better Business Bureau, the company identified key niche markets that it has effectively exploited to become one of the leading health and life insurance company in the country. While targeting the broader health insurance market segments, USHEALTH Group also specializes in health insurance coverage for small business owners and self-employed individuals. This segment usually lack a comprehensive health insurance plan because most of the mainstream health insurance plans provided in the industry focus on individuals with structured employment. This symbolizes the company’s mission of making a positive difference in the lives of many by offering them hope of a better life.


Company’s Management


 USHEALTH Group has an impressive record of delivering innovative and tailor-made health and life insurance plans that meet the needs of their clients. One of the drivers of success at the company is its management team. The company has employed some of the best talents in the industry. The management team is comprised of professionals with strong academic background, impressive track record of success and visionary leadership qualities. The company’s chief executive officer and president, Troy A. McQuagge, is an industry veteran and top talent and a visionary. He is also a member of the company’s board of directors, which is headed by Benjamin Cutler. The company’s chief administrator, Konrad Kober, also doubles up as the vice president.


Cynthia Koenig is also an industry veteran and a versatile professional. She is the USHEALTH Group’s principal accounting officer and vice president. She is also the chief financial officer and treasurer of the company. The company has several subsidiaries, which play a critical role in its operational efficiency and quality service delivery. Together, these subsidiaries give the company a combined industry experience of over five decades. The critical role of managing the operations of some of these subsidiaries has been given to Leo Toralballa who is the company’s vice president but also doubles up USHEALTH Direct head of national sales. USHEALTH Direct is a subsidiary of USHEALTH Group.


Towards Affordability and Reliability


With several outlets operating in various states across the country, USHEALTH Group has adopted a multiple-award winning management and operation strategy that ensures effective service delivery. The company has highly qualified professionals working at its subsidiaries. It also has several independently contracted agents spread across, which gives the company a national outlook. This ensures that their services are tailor-made to meet the various needs of their clients as well as affordable and reliable. It is an innovative way of ensuring that the services offered are client-centered. This has seen the company and its management to win several awards including Stevie Awards and One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Awards.

ClassDojo Has Plans To Bring Mindfulness And De-Stressing Lessons To Its Platform

ClassDojo has been at work trying to change how young students think when it comes to participating in class. When it was first started, the ClassDojo founders and a team from Stanford University had mindset growth videos produced, but now they’re working on “mindfulness” lessons. These lessons encourage students to take a little time to stop and listen and not become stressed about their challenges. ClassDojo has become a major social media and learning platform for classrooms all over the country.


The founders of ClassDojo are two graduate students from the UK named Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. They were app developers who decided to do something more than just make an app for profit. They wanted it to be something that could change things in a great area of need, and they soon thought of education and how classroom activities could be made better. Their app, ClassDojo started as a behavior reward app, but after seeing how Facebook and Instagram worked, they decided to follow a similar model that could keep parents in the classroom.


ClassDojo has parents and teachers constantly talking to each other and has allowed many schools to do away with parent-teacher meetings because of this. ClassDojo is completely free both to use the features and watch the student mindset growth videos, but there are plans in the works to bring about optional pay content that may also include textbooks. Administrators can be involved but teachers don’t have to have their approval to download the app.


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Shinning at home; Jennifer Walden on medicine, motherhood and moving back home

The phrase beauty and brains was coined because this was seen by many as a rare combination. The ones that pursued education with a lot of passion were thought to be not so great in the social skills. However, this is a stereotype that has time and again been proven wrong. One Doctor who is aiming at the glass ceiling when it comes to getting the best of both worlds ins Jennifer Walden. This year, she was named by Harper’s Bazaar as one of the 24 best surgeons in the country.

After completing her medical school, Jennifer knew that she wanted to get into cosmetic surgery. She got into training with the best surgeons in New York. After completing the training and mentorship, she put up her own clinic in Manhattan. Then, she decided that she wanted to fulfill a dream she had harbored for a while, that of becoming a mother. After her children were born, she realized that the best environment to bring them up in.

She then moved back to Texas and started her own practice in Austin. It did not take a long time for the people in the area to find out what a good Doctor she is because she made a reputation and her practice became very popular within a short period of time. Besides being an excellent surgeon, Walden is also a great leader. She has been on the American Board of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery for many years now and is the only woman to have made it there. She is also a friend of the media and has offered several interviews to the media houses about her beliefs and her practice.

Besides her two lovely children, Jennifer Walden has siblings who are very successful in their various fields. It has been a common misconception that when a woman becomes successful academically, she changes into a tough and unfriendly boss. Jennifer is the opposite of these stereotypes. Her character and the way she is grounded is probably because of the sound upbrining she got from her parents and also her charismatic personality.

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Arthur Beck: Money an Art

Sometimes we forget that the rich and powerful is just as much people as the rest of us, with the same quirks, curiosities, and troubles as everyone else. Sure they have more money to resolve the everyday problems, but the big problems still stay with them, and their interests are sometimes surprisingly mundane, just as they are curiously exotic. Arthur Becker is one such man, a wealthy real estate mogul who made his fortune purchasing tech companies during his days as a Bear Stearns stockbroker. These days he’s making a move from being a silent partner to actively participating in building projects and separating from his wife of 20 years in between collecting toy soldiers and ancient currencies.

One supposes when you have the kind of currency as Mr. Arthur Becker, you’ll find yourself with a surfeit of time in which to pursue various arts and curiosities. Most of us may get into baking cookies, but how many of us would venture into purchasing entire macadamia nut orchards to supply companies like Mrs. Fields?

He also has an artistic flair and an interest in the fundamental arts that go into his real estate. Consider his foray to Vermont where he began restoring 18th-century homes, this taught him an appreciation for hand-made bricks such as those that are going into his 465 Washington Street project. It was his appreciation of the art that made him seek out a Denmark company to produce handmade bricks. You can visit Crunchbase for more details.

Arthur graduated from Bennington College in 1969 with a degree in the Fine Arts and then added a business degree to his acumen during his time at Amos Tuck in Dartmouth. He put this degree to good use when he became CEO of two technology companies. His work goes beyond simple financial concerns, though he does still focus on money as a point of interest. Currently, he’s exploring the meaning of money and its central place in our lives and relationships. If you’d like to see some of his work, it’s been exhibited in a number of installations and can be viewed at his office or at the newly built Sullivan townhouses where an exhibit will be curated by James Saloman. More details can be found on Bloomberg.

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Susan McGalla’s Rapid Rise to Success

Susan McGalla has achieved success in the business world. She rose to the position of President of American Eagle Outfitters overseeing the total operation of the brand. Now she is using herself as a model for American women to follow as they pursue careers in the business and financial world. It is her contention that women have innate skills that translate well into the arena of the business world. Women have the capacity to educate and elevate family members and other executives they come into contact with in business. She fully represents the new woman in the business world. There is a list of successful women as CEOs and Presidents; Carly Fiorino, a former head at Hewlett-Packard even ran for President as a Republican in 2016. If she had won her party’s endorsement, she would have run against Hillary Rodham Clinton and the nation would have been assured of a female President of the United States in 2017.

Susan McGalla began her rise in the business world by working in marketing and managerial positions at the Joseph Horne Company. In 1986 she started her career at American Eagle Outfitters as a divisional merchandise buyer for womenswear.

McGalla left American Eagle Outfitters early in 2009. She became a consultant for the financial investment and retail industries. She sat on the board at HFF Inc. and then succeeded Ed Thomas as CEO of Wet Seal Inc. She has recently founded P3 Executive Counseling and is the Director of Strategic Planning and growth of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Susan McGalla has come a long way from her roots in Ohio to climb the ladder of executive success. She serves as a model to young women in the Midwest and elsewhere showing that success in a man’s former domain can be achieved by women. One has only to look outside the United States of America to see women holding important positions in politics, medicine, and law. Women are better suited to understand law and medicine than men and to be the head of a country and be in charge of practically everything is a role woman have been playing for millenia. During the Stone Age, the men were the hunters and warriors, and the women took care of the family, the home, and the community, even then they were in charge. It’s only natural.


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Securus Technologies Making Life Easier for Corrections Officers

As a corrections officer, I can tell you from personal experience that this is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. The inmates can not be caged 24 hours a day, so they must be free to interact with each other and the officers. On any given day, at any given time, the inmates hold a numbers advantage over the officers, and they know it. If the inmates were to simply attack, they would be able to take over the staff quickly.


For that reason and more, officers need to be on alert every second of every shift for any trouble. The inmates not only out number us, they are locked in jail 24 hours a day, they are constantly looking for cracks in the system, and exploit them when they can. Even when I work a 12 hour shift, the inmates know more about the day-to-day activities than I do.


Keeping myself and other officers safe is a daily challenge, and if word comes down from a high-ranking gang leader to take out an officer, the lower-level soldiers don’t blink an eye when following out those orders. Although we do have some intelligence on the inside, it is not enough to keep the inmates from attempting to hurt my team.


When Securus Technologies installed our new inmate communications system, it was a game-changer. When I was trained on the LBS software, what I discovered was chatter between inmates was more involved than we thought. We overheard orders coming in from outside the jail, going down the ranks to the soldiers, who would meet with visitors who smuggled in weapons right under our noses.


Thanks to the LBS software, we can intercept these calls and break the chain of communication before any of our officers at put at risk.