NGP VAN is Changing the Election Landscape

Campaign re-election is growing trend in the world of technology. For a person running a campaign platform, to ignore current digital media trends is political suicide. Grassroots campaigns that put feet on the ground are no longer the necessity that they used to be; in fact, these grassroots movements could be detrimental to the campaign as a whole. There is a need to evolve with technology, and deciding to perform re-election campaigns using the same tired methods as the previous candidate is a sure-fire way to lose an election in the modern digital age of media. A great example of this would be the work that NGP Van is doing with the democratic party (especially as part of Barack Obama’s campaign.)

When Obama ran his first and second term, his election team quickly realized that they needed to adapt to current technology trends. Mitt Romney started using ORCA — a set of technological tools that eventually ended up hurting the Romney campaign — so Obama’s had to find a suitable counterpart. That counterpart was NPG VAN, which after a period of testing launched Pollwatcher a campaign mobile app. Over the course of the election, NPG VAN was responsible for most of the technological campaign tracking and measuring tools utilized by the Obama administration. The tools were, and still are, a powerful ally for the Democrats who utilize them.



NPG VAN has been finding broad success on the campaign trail. The company recently acquired Hustle — a San Francisco startup — which allows users to use peer-to-peer messaging. Hustle was a major tool utilized by the Obama campaign during the election, and today is a powerful engine for Democratic re-election.


That wasn’t the only start-up that NPG Van acquired during this time. SpeakEasy Political — a direct to mail startup — was acquired a year earlier. SpeakEasy targets voters and supports and pushes data that is already integrated into the NPG VAN database to target direct-to-mail consumers more easily.


Through the use of these tools, and others, the Democratic party is looking like it has a leg up on the Republican party on the digital front. The digital front is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful campaigning tools of the modern age. With consistent effort put forward into digital campaigning, it is a growing platform with powerful voter potential.facebook

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff Surprises Readers

Corey Seymour Unearths the Why Behind Sean Penn’s New Book, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”

In his discussion about the events leading up to the publication of “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff,” Corey Seymour draws out the sometimes reclusive Sean Penn on why he’s taking a new direction in his career. The actor, director, producer, and playwright is renown for his social activism as well as gritty roles and hard-hitting interviews with notorious figures like Hugo Chavez and Joaquín Guzmán, the Mexican drug kingpin more commonly known as El Chapo. Now, he’s taking a turn toward comedy as a fiction writer.

The novel, Penn’s first, is the tale of a septic tank salesman who leads a double life as a part-time contract killer. Although that plot line doesn’t seem to be comedic fodder on the surface, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” has been touted as a biting satire about alienation in modern society; some have even suggested that Bob Honey is an alter-ego for Penn himself.

In the interview, Seymour and Penn discuss the collaborative nature of film making or producing plays versus the solitary activity of writing books. Penn suggests that he’s at a point in his life where he prefers to work alone, and that there may be other novels coming in the future. He then proceeds to discuss preconceived notions about the extent to which other satirists influenced the tone of his book, which has been compared to the works of Mark Twain, Hunter S. Thompson, Charles Bukowski, and Thomas Pynchon, but he prefers to leave that judgment to his readers. Bukowski and Thomas are both authors whom Sean Penn knew in life.


The interview then turns to Penn’s somewhat unorthodox approach to writing “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” by dictating it to his assistant. He admits that it was due more to utility than quirkiness. The newly-minted author simply has never gotten the hang of using a computer, and he can talk faster than he can write in longhand.

The remainder of the article discusses the nature of controversy, the influx and proliferation of social movements, and the irony of society’s habit of focusing on subjects that are meant to be inclusive while further dividing us. Those are themes which are explored within the pages of “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.” Other threads that run within the narrative, and are lambasted with impunity, are the notion of branding and society’s obsession with fame, notoriety, and celebrity itself. The book has received positive reactions from a number of critics and public figures as disparate as comedienne Sarah Silverman and author Salman Rushdie.

Excellent Financial Solutions And Advisory Services Can Be Found With Southridge Capital

Southridge Capital specializes in financial solutions for all sorts of clients throughout Connecticut and even the country these days thanks to their impressive reputation. Over the years, they have invested in hundreds of different companies and successfully aided thousands of clients overcome their financial problems. Since 1996, Southridge Capital has successfully procured more than 1.5 billion dollars in development funds for corporations around the globe.


Southridge Capital is well-known for being trustworthy and helping new businesses overcome the hurdles of just starting out. With decades of experience behind the team at Southridge, there is virtually no problem that they can’t handle. They offer various services to their clients, including financial analysis, bankruptcy solutions, mergers and acquisitions, legal settlements, and much more.


One of the techniques that Southridge Capital uses is building a financial hypothesis using all of the financial statements of a specified client or business. Through meticulous evaluations, Southridge can determine what the overall worth of a specific strategy is and the optimal strategy based on previous studies that were done.


Southridge has a great deal of contact with all the investments and funding they have done over the years with other corporations. With allows them to unite with various different companies or individuals that need enhancement of their financial status. Southridge Capital has an extended portfolio and is easily able to identify the right partner for merging companies based on their business structure and client preference.

Southridge Capital has always offered their clients advisory services to help them along their financial journeys, especially so for those facing bankruptcy or loads of debt. Southridge is highly capable of developing quality programs for their clients to use with or without their help to balance their finances optimally. As with most financial solutions companies, Southridge Capital cuts out the middleman, speaking on behalf of the client to find appropriate creditors. You can checkout for more info.





Aloha Construction: Article #1

The home-improvement industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few decades. There is a plethora of information that homeowners can use to build the home of their dreams. When it comes to the state of Illinois, there is one general contractor that is making a huge impact on this exclusive genre, and it’s known as Aloha Construction. The company provides home-improvement services throughout Illinois as well as in Southern Wisconsin. The services included are masonry, stucco installation, door installation, roof repair, kitchen design, bathroom repair, flashing, gutter repair, window fascia repair, vinyl siding repair, waterproofing and many others.

In 2017, Aloha Construction was presented with the affluent Torch Award thanks to its excellence in ethics. One of the biggest issues with companies that work in this business is that some of the companies don’t practice good ethics. This statement is absolutely true and all general contractors aren’t created equal. On the other hand, Aloha Construction blows the competition out of the water because it has very high- standards, provides great leadership and has social responsibilities. It might be very hard trying to find a competitor that can match these particular attributes. The Lake Zurich-based company has over 200 staff members, and these staff members have been thoroughly trained. What areas actually receives services? The answer is very simple because AC provides services for Peoria, Washington, Round Lake, Round Lake Beach, Morton, Grayslake, Hoffman Estates, Vernon Hills, Lake Zurich and many more municipalities.

The Better Business Bureau is very thorough in its decision making progress. A panel of 15 individuals looks at every aspect of the business and then narrows-down the choices until there’s only one left. Aloha Construction rightly deserves the award because it has a long list of satisfied customers, but who knows what’s in store in the future.

Waiakea bottled Water Company

Waiakea bottled Water Company

Waiakea is a bottled water company that provides a large population of consumers with water of unparalleled quality. It is part of the more extensive food and beverage industry. The company is located in the town of Hilo, Hawaii. Waiakea was founded in June in 2012 by Ryan Emmons, the current president of the company.

The water that is bottled and distributed by Waiakea is obtained from snowmelt and rain on the island’s volcano, put merely, Hawaii volcanic water. This particular source ensures a vibrant and healthy mineral and electrolyte balance in addition to an alkaline Waiakea water pH of about 8.8. The benefits associated with volcanic water are quite extensive. These benefits range from a smaller CO2 footprint in the water to healthy lives as a result of the provision of mineral body requirements.

Beyond the profit expectations, Waiakea is continuously serving it’s on charitable and ethical responsibilities. The company has kept its word that for every liter of water it sells, Waiakea, goes ahead to avail 650 liters of clean water to those who need it most in Africa.

In a report by Premier Gazette, the founder of Waiakea speaks on what has made them unique from other brands. Mr. Emmons kicks off by noting that Waiakea has ensured that its product attains the perfect pH for optimum cell and tissue maintenance. The choice of the water source, volcanic, is the other point of interest. Waiakea water goes through 14,000 feet of filtration in porous volcanic rocks. This process adds various minerals of biological importance in addition to alkaline pH. It also naturally purifies the water for human consumption.

Drinking water from Waiakea has been shown to bear numerous advantages. First, drinking alkaline water has been known to act as a buffer in the stomach to alleviate symptoms associated with acidity. Active components of the water act as detox and help in several complications. Furthermore, the water has been found to contain silica. The 32.4 milligrams of silica provided by Waiakea bottled water is known to slow down the aging process by reduction of the risk of cognitive deterioration.

Why People Should Start Investing Early

Investing is critical to reaching various financial goals. Many people struggle to invest for the future. Chris Linkas is an investment professional who travels around the country helping people with their investment strategies. Anyone who wants to learn about financial planning should consider working with him. During Chris Linkas career, he has helped numerous people with their investments.

Chris Linkas primarily focuses on teaching young people about investing. He wants everyone to start investing at a young age. When young people start investing, they have to save much less money each month to reach their goals.


Investing Approach

Some people never start investing because they think that investing is too complicated. Other people do not want to lose their investments. The stock market can be volatile. Some people attempt to buy low and sell high. However, this is the incorrect path to take as an investor. The most successful investors are people who passively invest in the market.

It is never a reliable plan to time the market ( Numerous studies show that passive investors earn a higher return than people who jump in and out of the market.


Future Goals for Chris Linkas

Chris Linkas loves his job as a financial planner. He also works hard to build a large social media following. Chris Linkas enjoys developing content online related to various economic strategies. Anyone who wants to improve their finances should read his thoughts about money.

Chris Linkas is inspirational to many people because he made some bad financial choices when he was young. As a result, he had to work much harder to have financial success. Most people do not realize how their decisions can impact their future. Chris Linkas gives speeches around the country encouraging young people to take their actions seriously. With the strong economy, it is a great time to start investing.

Peter Briger of Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger is Fortress Investment Group’s co-chairperson. Briger has also served as the Group’s board co-chairperson from the year 2009 to date. He holds other significant positions at Fortress Investment Group and its subsidiaries. Fortress Investment Group is an investment company based in New York City in the United States. Mr. Briger’s offices are located at the company’s head office in New York. Peter Briger graduated with a bachelor’s of Arts degree from Ivy League’s Princeton University. He is also a holder of a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Pennsylvania. Fortress Investment Group is an investment manager with a global reputation. The firm’s asset base was valued at $43.6 billion at the end of the 2017 financial year. The company also boasts a significant client base. Fortress’ clients include private groups, corporate officials, and other financial institutions.

The investment company serves over 1,700 clients who come from all corners of the globe. The company offers a wide range of services including private capital investment programs and real estate development. The company has been around for a while now and has developed expertise in the provision of financial management services to Individual groups and large corporations. The management at Fortress Investment Group says that it is focusing on the development of risk-adjusted profits for their investors for a given period. According to financial performance records that were released recently, the company has over 900 employees in the Asset management department. Fortress also boasts over 210 experts in financial investment that have been spread-out to all corners of the globe. One of the areas where the company has concentrated on is the provision of asset-based services.

Fortress Investment Group offers specialized and expert advice on issues such as the management, supervision, owning, financing and pricing of both physical and financial assets.Peter Briger has had a significant contribution to the exponential growth of Fortress Investment Group. Apart from the provision of financial investment services, Peter Briger is very passionate about community service. He has always said that the best place to start the noble idea of uplifting communities is at home. He is one of the three Princeton University alumni who has set up a fund to support the institution. The support fund also has a startup and small business initiatives to help the three alumni grow their companies. The primary purpose of the support fund is to have a significant impact on the lives of the people who attend the institution.

Wesley Edens: A Look At The Co-Founder Of Fortress Investment Group

Wesley Edens is someone who is an incredibly well-reputed personality in the financial field. He stands as the leader of a company known as Fortress Investment Group which is a company that he helped form. Wes Edens, as he is more commonly referred to has worked with several companies through the course of his career, offering them his expertise and financial solutions. He has had an incredible career that has earned him many awards and the respect of people within the financial field.One of the key principles that Wes Edens believes in implementing is good business policies that work for the benefit of businesses and the clients that come to them. Having had so many experiences through the course of his career, Edens knows exactly what a company needs to be able to develop.

Using this insight, he guides the clients that come to Fortress Investment Group, granting them the tools that they need to have better asset management.Eden’s journey within the financial field began with a company known as Lehman Brothers. The company was known for being one of the top companies within the financial sector and was known for providing their asset and investment management solutions to a wide range of companies across America. Wes Edens worked hard to rise the ranks within the company and experienced a good amount of growth before he was given the role of Managing Director of the company.

This position was a result of all the hard work that Edens had put in through the course of his career, and one which he was now ready for, having gained so much from Lehman Brothers through the years.After spending a couple of years working at this position, he decided to branch out and start up his own company.Wes Edens is one of the five leading members of the management of the company, and also one of the original members who founded the company. Along with the rest of the leaders at the company, Edens aims to continue helping the overall development of Fortress Investment Group and the clients who come to them.In addition to being focused on the development of Fortress Investment Group, Wes Edens is also heavily immersed in sports. He is the proud owner of two sporting teams, one being an NBA team called the Milwaukee Bucks, and the other being a League of Legends Team called FlyQuest.

Stream Energy: Philantropy at its Best

Stream Energy is a model company when it comes down to philanthropy. Every day is a day for helping others in the community. They created Stream Cares, which is an organization that partners with other philanthropic companies to enhance the quality of life of others. Stream Energy works daily to ensure that their clients have the best deals on products and services that meet their needs as well. They offer mobile phone plans, telemedicine, and discounted energy to businesses and residential clients.

The company hires people to work as independent contractors to build genuine relationships with their customers by matching them with the products they need at a discounted price. Outside of the regular workday, Stream works to monitor homelessness and help those people in need in the case of a sudden natural disaster. For example, Hurricane Harvey was a devastating storm. It dropped more than 50 inches of rain on the Houston Texas area. Many lost their homes, pets, and even their lives. Stream Energy stepped in without a moment’s notice to help fund the recovery of the city.

One thing that Stream acknowledges is that many of the people in the area that suffer as a result of these storms are their clients. Without their clients, they would not have a business which is why it is vital for them to give back. Another event that shows how much Stream Energy cares about the people in their community is the Once in a lifetime dinner celebration.

Stream sponsored an all-expense paid dinner that included ribs, steaks, and burgers at a Texan restaurant. On the next day, they hosted the American Girl Doll Experience. It gave ten daughters of United States Veterans the opportunity to choose an American Girl doll and have lunch at the American Girl Cafe. They also provided transportation for the families who needed assistance. Stream is an organization with the quality of life of their community in mind. It has made a significant difference in the generosity rating of the state of Texas. Not to mention, it has forever enhanced the lives of those who suffer circumstances that they have no control of.

Logan Stout: The Man of Many Accomplishments

Logan Stout is a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist, mentor, and leadership coach. He is also a well-known keynote speaker and best-selling author. He is a self-made billionaire with a love for baseball and a trusted guru in teamwork, and leadership. He is part creator of the ID Life business. Logan Stout, along with Troy Aikman, Jen Widerstrom, and Darwin Deason all joined forces to create a business aimed at educating people on how vital adequate health is. The company also sells nutritional products. ID Life has accomplished great success as it holds the title of being one of the 100 Solid Top MLM businesses in the world. Logan is a part of many business ventures. For instance, he is the creator and CEO of the Dallas Patriots baseball organization. He began this organization because of his love for the sport. Starting back when he attended high school, Logan played baseball on the varsity baseball team. He also played basketball and achieved the MVP award in his junior and senior years. Upon graduating high school, Logan went to Panola College where he earned a degree in business. He later received a psychology degree from the University of Dallas. He played baseball in college, winning multiple titles. After college, Logan coached baseball at Dallas Baptist University. He also served as a youth minister at the college. Logan’s baseball career consists of 17 World Series events of which he either played or coached. He also played for the Fort Worth Cats for a time. He uses this organization to mentor and teach children aged six through 18 baseball skills. His goal is to help other children succeed in the sport. He combines his love for the game alongside his passion for helping others to create a successful business that changes the lives of children who dream to be successful on the field. Success in the game is only the beginning. Students have to know leadership skills, patience, and the ability to persevere through circumstances and obstacles that may arise in life. They also need to know the importance of never giving up. There is no doubt that Logan Stout accomplishes this in each student. Each child that graduates from the organization receives the honor of playing college baseball. Some of those students have even been draft picks of MLB. There is no doubt that Logan Stout is the master of his craft. He has appeared on television and radio. He has also been featured in well-known publications.