Why Jason Halpern is a Dominant Force in the Real Estate and Philanthropy Arenas

Property Developer: Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern is a serial real estate investor and developer from Brooklyn, New York. Halpern is the founder and president of JMH Development. He comes from a generation of property developers and has been groomed to handle real estate business. His family has been in this line of work for close to five decades. Before launching JMH Development, Halpern worked at his father’s firm, a company responsible for construction and development of various apartments in Westchester County as well as New York City. It was while working for the family business that he developed interest and passion for property development.

JMH Development

Jason Halpern in Production

Halpern has since grown into a visionary entrepreneur that employs his experience and foresight during acquisition and renovation of properties, including some historically landmarked structures. Halpern established JMH Development a couple of years ago. This company owns various commercial and residential businesses across the United States. JMH Development also specializes in the development of luxury properties in Brooklyn and Williamsburg. As the head of the company, Halpern emphasizes the use of innovative approaches when refurbishing these prestigious properties. Some of the firms’ major achievements include renovation of properties in 340 luxury rentals as well as 184 Kent Avenue.


Jason in Modeling Industry

Halpern has a tendency of creating a rapport with the county officials, and this enables him to acquire significant historic buildings and rehabilitate them. He has continued to build his company with values of integrity and respect to the community. His business is committed to enhancing innovativeness and social responsibility. JMH Development most recent projects include the development of Townhouses in Cobble Hill. Under Halpern’s management, his firm was presented with the 2011 Building Brooklyn Award and was made one of the stakeholders in the National Historic Register. Halpern is open-minded and is always ready to assist clients in need of real estate services.

Jason Halpern’s philanthropic involvement

With His Wife

Halpern is dedicated to helping out the less fortunate in the society. He allocates his part of his personal time to charitable endeavors. Since 2015, he has been involved in charity activities to fund water projects in East African countries. This water project receives funds amounting to $20,000 from JMH Development. Halpern also supports the Relief Society of Splash and Tigray through his firm. He also supports health causes through donating to the Westchester Medical Center, a well-equipped level 1 trauma facility in the United States. This health center provides services such as reattachment of severed limbs, open-heart surgery, and complex emergency neurosurgery. Through donations, this medical center has been able to launch a department to care for burn victims with severe internal injuries. Additionally, Halpern supports causes and involving children and women in the society.

Reminding IsraeliAmericans to be Proud of Who They Are and Where They’ve Been

Adam Milestien’s parents were immigrants to Israel when they met. His mother was from Mexico and his father from Argentina. They taught him to work hard and be proud of where he came from. He served during the Yum Kippur War and then enrolled in college, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in business and economics. Throughout this time he also married Gila Elgrably and helped his father grow their real-estate business and in 1981 they moved to the United States so that Adam Milestien could persue a master’s degree from the University of Southern California (USC).

He continued with his passion in real-estate but also began to realize his true calling was in philanthropy. In response to this passion, Adam and Gila have created the Milestien Foundation that does various charity work including supporting their cultural background, reminding Israel-Americans that they can be proud of who they are and where they came from.

One event that the Milestien Foundation has created is the “Inspired by Israel” contest. There were eighty contestants and ten of them will go on to have their presentation given in front of an elite panel of judges including Gila Milestien, Tribe Media Journalist David Suissa, and StandWithUs Executive Director Michael Dickson. The contest will provide over twenty thousand dollars in prizes, including an eight thousand dollar grand prize. Last year, the program provided over 500,000 views to their cause and the winning theme was “Superman’s Got Nothing on Israel.”

With each program’s success we are one step closer as a world united.

Dr. Jennifer Walden: Rejuvenating Confidence Through Surgery

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a plastic surgeon based out of Austin, Texas. She specializes in Venus Freeze, Cosmetic Breast Enhancement, Facials and Rhinoplasty. Dr. Walden also works for the non-profit organization, “Austin Smiles”, performing surgery in third world countries for children born with cleft lips and palates. She has been practicing plastic surgery for about 12 years and is considered one of the best in her field. Dr. Walden has been featured as an expert commentator on cosmetic surgery by ABC News, Fox News and Dr. 90210.

Dr. Jennifer Walden earned her undergraduate degree in Biology from the University of Texas. She completed medical school at the University of Texas Medical Branch, graduating salutatorian of her class. Dr. Walden would then earn a fellowship in aesthetic surgeryq at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. While in New York, Dr. Walden participated in clinical trials that led to the reintroduction of silicone breast implants. In 2011, she would return to her hometown of Austin Texas where she opened up a private practice in Westlake Hills.

Dr. Jennifer Walden’s practice philosophy is ” to promote health and well-being through comprehensive and personalized approach to rejuvenative or reconstructive surgery.” Dr. Walden has emphasized that her mission is not to replicate the male ideal archetype of a “Barbie-doll” body. Rather, it is to rejuvenate their self-confidence and quality of life. She believes that being a female doctor makes her more empathetic than her male counterparts especially when it comes to the body changes that occur as a result of pregnancy. Dr. Walden has had numerous article published in medical journals and is the Co-Author of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Textbook.


Understanding John Goullet Participation in the Tech Industry

With the growing, changing and advancing of the tech industry, numerous people have decided to venture the industry in various ways. John Goullet is one individual who has ventured into the tech sector with no fear and determination to bring about change. He is an IT entrepreneur who has gained respect over the years from his fellow workers and people worldwide. He has been responsible for the creation of various industries that have gradually grown to become the best in the industry. Mr. John’s career begun as an IT consultant before venturing in IT staffing. Nobody would have ever imagined that John would be in a position of building companies that people go to look for tech solutions. Some of the firms that have helped in raising his social standards include the Info Technologies. Info Technologies majorly focuses on providing IT staffing solutions to people and other corporations especially the Fortune 500 Companies. John aimed at opening a business that will be in a position of understanding the It Staffing problems available in today world and tries to find solutions to these issues. After Info Technologies had grown and developed, it merged with Diversant Inc to later form Diversant LLC.
Diversant LLC has become a firm that is able to gain the clients trust as is available to offer services required by the customer. With this, it becomes easy for the company to establish a healthy relationship with the customer through providing quality services. Some of the major services it offers include direct hiring, strengthening IT employees and several services. One thing that has made the firm outstanding is the fact that it engages its customers in various aspects which make the clients feel incorporated into the company’s success. It is well known that through establishing healthy relationships with your customers, your business is bound to develop at a higher rate.
New technology which is continually advancing has led to the lack of experts who can be in a position of keeping up with the tech, and this is what John tries to solve. He wants to open industries that will be experts who are highly qualified to address any tech problem. With such an idea, John believes that with time every tech problem will be handled by his numerous firms.

Andrea McWilliams is the “Go To” Political Adviser of the Influential and Powerful:

There are very many good political advisers, in the field of politics; however, few are reputed as “Go To” advisers. This is a political analyst which is well-received within certain circles, and truly “knows her stuff.” The preceding is the reputable, favorable characteristic of Andrea McWilliams. Andrea is one of those business leaders that truly does know how to change the political scene: based on the needs of her client.

She is quite the adviser too. Andrea McWilliams listens–truly listens–and then keeps her eye on the client’s objective. The preceding skill-set is what makes all of the difference in the world. The savvy political strategist has been reputed, within certain Austin business circles, as the political strategist of the influential.

Andrea is not only a clever political strategist, she is an unrivaled political fund-raiser. Her fund raising capabilities are short of exceptional. She is a lobbyist, working her political magic on behalf of her client.

Andrea McWilliams, is not one to settle: She has been profiled within very high-profile publications and within the national media. Her political activities, have been commented and reported upon, in publications such as ‘The Wall Street Journal’ and ‘Newsweek’. She has been reported upon, on FOX News and other well-reputed news television stations.

Andrea McWilliams has been known to work, tirelessly, for her clientele, in the way of lobbying efforts, and other ancillary political activities. She is: Yes–the true “Go To” Political Strategist. Her word is “gold,” and she keeps her eye on the political objective. She is reliable and smart: the client as well as the Austin community greatly applauds the business acumen of the Andrea McWilliams’s of the world: however, it is unlikely that anyone will “clone” anyone as idyllically dedicated and politically intelligent as McWilliams–anytime too soon.


Impact of Clay Siegall in Cancer Treatment

Clay Siegall is the co-founder, President, the Chief Executive Officer, and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Seattle Genetics. Clay Siegall founded the company in 1998 after working in different medical institutions such as the National Cancer Institute, National Institutes, Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute, and BioPharmaceuticals. Dr. Siegall has a Ph.D. in Genetics and a B.S in Zoology from George Washington University and the University of Maryland respectively.

Seattle Genetics has seen massive developments under the leadership of Dr. Clay Siegall. Through his leadership, the firm was able to secure an FDA approval of its ADC product, ADCETRIS in 2011. He has also guided the company in developing antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs). He has also helped make ADCETRIS a global drug through collaboration with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company. Dr. Siegall has made Seattle Genetics grow into a diverse production of ADCs for the treatment of cancer.

Dr. Siegall has aided in the fight against cancer by the production of cancer vaccines and sitting in multiple cancer boards. He has helped Seattle Genetics enter multiple strategic licenses that have seeded more than $350 million.

Dr. Siegall is an author of more than 70 publications, articles and holds 15 patents. Some of his articles are discussed below.

Why are people not using a vaccine that can significantly change the lives of many people living with cancer? Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine is a vaccine which was discovered over a decade ago and can prevent more than 90% of all cervical cancers, other cancers, and sexually transmitted infections. However, the vaccine has not gained popularity as it is supposed to have. To get the virus to most people around the world, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices have reduced the HPV dose from three to two for kids between 9 and 14 years.

Researchers have discovered a new machine called BrainGate2. The device allows paralyzed people to decode their thoughts and control their muscles and organs such as arms. The device operates by determining the movement which an individual wants to perform; then it electrically stimulates the muscles in the arm to perform the movement.

Talk Fusion is the All-in-One Marketing Solution

Advertising a product or service can be a challenge in today’s age with social media being the new front for advertising campaigns. Bob Reina, the CEO of Talk Fusion has noticed the rising trends of video gaining popularity in today’s age. While other marketing strategies like text and pictures do provide the information consumers need about products and services being advertised, they’re not always engaging.

Video provides the perfect medium for engaging customers and increasing retention. Roughly 97% of customer purchasing decisions are swayed by video. Talk Fusion comes with a variety of products marketing professionals can have at their fingertips to make a persuasive and engaging video. The customer will be provided with the information necessary to make an educated decision on whether they want the product or service being offered right away.

Advertising costs can also be lowered since Talk Fusion is designed to be easy to use right out the gate. The program currently has a free 30 Day Trial available for anyone who wants to give it a try. There is no credit card necessary to try Talk Fusion out for the trial and that includes all the products. People who like using Talk Fusion can purchase it or if they don’t like it after the free trial they weren’t forced into purchasing a product they don’t like.

Bob Reina has even gone to share tips with marketing and advertising professionals on how to get the most out of Talk Fusion. Businesses today face a greater challenge than ever standing out from the crowd in building up brand recognition. The days of TV advertisements are starting to come to a close as more people choose to go online for their entertainment, shopping, and information.

The video, especially online video, provides the solution for engaging customers and holding their attention. The video is easier to share on multiple social media platforms and with Talk Fusion’s easy to use interface there is no prior experience necessary to get started. Businesses can cut down on money spent on advertising and focus on bringing persuasive and engaging content to their customer base.


EOS Top Flavors That You’re Gonna Love

EOS Lip Balm is known for their unique approach to lip balm. They don’t just offer your typical run of the mill chapstick filled with cheap ingredients. EOS provides vegan and organic ingredients that cleanse the lips and give it what it needs to truly grow the right type of skin for your lips. Get rid of the bacteria and the dirty cells your lips don’t even need. EOS has grown over the years because of how they tackled their sense of marketing and advertising, and now everybody is using their lip balms to keep their lips looking beautiful and fair.

Some of their most popular flavors is definitely the Summer Fruit. It has a tangy type of taste to it that truly gives your lips the shine it needs when you’re in the sun. The Vitamin E and Shea Butter give it that extra power to help keep your lips clean and shining. Lemon Drop is another big favorite mainly because it is also SPF 15, so it is great with taking good care of your lips when you’re in the sun. They have a wide variety of different products that could provide you with what you need for a protected set of lips.

EOS lip balm is a brand that is now in stores where you can buy chapstick and everything else you need. It reaches a global fan base because of how well they positioned their idea. They knew when they created this product that people needed another way to stay stylish while doing something as mundane as putting on lip balm. Their product is fashionable and easy to bring around, and it’s a great additional thing to add to your makeup bag. EOS is the best thing you could ever use for your lips because of their genuine quality in product design. EOS products are availability on Target, Walmart and Coscto. Online orders can be done by visiting https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/.


Fabletics Has A Very Large Fan Base Among Their Customers.

Fabletics, brought into being in 2013 by Kate Hudson, with the help of two of her supporters Adam Goldenberg as well as Don Ressler, is recognized for their effective role in the burgeoning apparel classification christened “activewear.” Tantamount to the approach that the electronically connected store, Amazon, has virtually a 20% power grab of the hyperspace fashion division, Fabletics has broadened to strengthen into a $250 million field in a virtually three year term. The division practices a member support service that provides dramatic and uplifting genres of trappings online.


As a universal rule, the industry has the conviction that an extravagant priced garment is an mark of high worth for the garment that is being presented. In either way, that isn’t a constructive way to buy items anymore. A transformation in the markets induced shoppers to hunt for garments with first-rate reviews, for rare finishes, and for traders that confirm that the shopper is gratified with their acquisition, while expending less capital.


A diverse amount of warehouses have been fading away, because the client stops into the physical warehouse to examine the commodity, but purchases at a hyperspace outlet to acquire the garment from a different warehouse online. Fabletics hasn’t felt this drop in the market. Fabletics employs a hyperspace member market, with a hefty quantity of members, each of who confirms that the garments are advantageous. Client critiquing is meaningful for inducing eventual clients to buy from the physical Fabletics warehouse. Evidence displays that 50% of clients visiting the physical warehouses are subscribed to Fabletic’s hyperspace member service, and 25% of clients in the physical warehouses become members from experiencing the store.


Fabletics uses evidence about client inclinations from their hyperspace warehouse to access a comprehension of what clients are excited about procuring. When a client peruses a garment at their hyperspace warehouse, this evidence is used to provide physical warehouses with the products that the hyperspace’s clients are chiefly interested in. This makes it easier for the physical warehouses to expeditiously take out garments in stock, to support current trends in culture. Radical technology is also exploited, such as evidence collected from “heat maps” as well as popular social media websites, to describe which warehouse locations are accurately of interest to clients.


Competing with hyperspace based warehouses the likes of Amazon can be a real challenge for most. Fabletics conquers this by bartering uncommon garments, exploiting avant-garde machinery, data obtained from science, and by managing their warehouses by corresponding to ROI evidence.


Frequently clients admit that for the awfully low prices they are paying for the garments, the quality is so much more than what they expected. The most recurrent review is that Fabletics quality tops the more cutthroat, costly brands, but lacking the hefty prices. Clients have admitted that the massive collection of offerings that are featured at Fabletics is considerable. This relates not only to the variety of choices, but also the artistry and color options that are featured.

Scott Rocklage: Man With A Plan

5 AM Ventures is both a seed as well as an early stage fund that goes for making and creating biotechnology organizations. This fund is typically supported by two among the top life science speculation organizations, Versant Ventures and Bay City Capital. They are overseeing more than $1 billion for the store. It was in the year 2003 when it was declared that the store had retained Scott M. Rocklage Ph.D. as the venture partner with them. Rocklage has been the CEO of Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Inc. since 1994 where he directed its advancement and the endorsement of Cubicin by the FDA to end up distinctly an anti-infection and antibiotic driven treatment. He was additionally required in the advancement of two other pharmaceutical items that were endorsed by FDA while working at Nycomed Salutar, Inc. as a CEO. Scott Rocklage is relied upon to consolidate endeavors with three other investment experts at 5AM Ventures, Andy Schwab, John Diekman and Carin Mueller. The three established the firm in the year 2002.



Scott Rocklage is a Venture Partner with 5AM Ventures, having had over three long decades of experience in healthcare management and leadership roles that contributed to the FDA’s approval of 3 New Drug Applications for the United States namely Teslascan, Omniscan, and Cubicin. Rocklage has previously been Chairman and CEO of Cubist Pharmaceuticals, CEO, and president of Nycomed Salutar and has likewise held R&D positions at Salutar and Catalytica. He as of now works as the Board Chairman at Cidara, Kinestral, and Rennovia (CDTX: NASDAQ) and also on the Boards Pulmatrix (PULM: NASDAQb) and Epirus (EPRS: NASDAQ). Dr. Rocklage was some time ago elected the Ilypsa Executive Chairman (obtained by Amgen), Miikana (procured by EntreMed) and Semprus (gained by Teleflex). Dr. Rocklage got his B.S. in Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley and his Ph.D. in Chemistry which he finished at MIT, where he oversaw research in the lab of Richard R. Schrock, a Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry. He is a designer or co-creator of more than 30 U.S. licenses and has more than 100 associate evaluated productions. Dr. Rocklage is situated in the Boston, MA office.