Nick Vertucci – His Background, the Academy and His Business Insight

The Founder of NV Real Estate Academy, Nick Vertucci, was interviewed by IdeaMensch, revealing a really incredible business insight to the public. Also revealed, was a look into his rough start in life and how he overcame the pitfall of the 2000 dot com crash.

The Trip to NVRE

Nick Vertucci grew up in a household that was financially challenged. Matters would worsen after Nick’s father died when he was just ten years old. This was a tough time for the family, but Nick would turn things around. He would start a computer sales business when he turned 18 years old. Unfortunately, the business would take a nose dive after the 2000 dot com crash (2000-2002); he would also lose his home during this time. Nick wouldn’t give in. He would attend a real estate academy. And, during his time in the academy, he would get inspired to start something magnificent in the real estate industry.

Nick would manage to start a successful real estate investment business that would earn him a great deal of cash flow and pull him out of the debt that he was drowning in after the 2000 dot com crash. He would work his magic in the business by buying foreclosed single family rentals, rehabbing them and renting them out. He would then offer them to investors and this move would lead to Nick selling his properties by the hundreds. He would come out on top in the real estate investment business and decide to teach others on how to do it as well. This is where Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy comes in at.

About Nick Vertucci Real Estate

What this academy offers is conquering solutions to the biggest challenges in real estate investing. Those who are really interested and serious about a career in real estate investing are the ones who usually takes this course. The strategies issued throughout the teachings are what made Nick successful.

Nick Vertucci’s Business Insight

There are four sayings that allows ideas to come to life for Nick Vertucci:”See It”, “Believe It”, “Map It” and Execute It”.

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