NGP VAN: Winning The Grassroots Votes For The Democratic Party Through Technology

According to NGP VAN, previous elections in the country have proven that wins come by way of close interactions between candidates and their clients. The voter activation network, therefore, specializes in developing technological tools used by political parties and onions to drum support and deliver wins for the party candidates. Such tools have proved particularly helpful to the party candidates as they helped Barrack Obama win both the 2008 and 2012 elections as well as font strong campaign for Clinton and Sanders during the 2016 electioneering period.

How does NGP VAN achieve this?

VAN achieves this by helping their clients better understand their voters by way of gathering all the necessary information about them. They achieve this by deploying numerous data analysis tools that capture the needs of the voters and process this information to come up with valuable information about the masses. Candidates can then use this information collected by NGP VAN to tailor their campaign strategies and formulate policies that suite these needs and in effect increase their winning chances.

By using technology to inform the course of elections, candidates and political parties gain a better understanding of their campaigns. This goes a long way in helping them come up with better and more effective campaign strategies that resonate well with the masses. The fact that these campaigns capitalize on the use of websites and smartphone application provides the candidates with effective interaction points with the voters that provide the same effect as canvassing the country for one-on-one rallies.

Core partnership

While NGP VAN was formed by Democrats it isnโ€™t rigid and has over time accepted new partnerships from both political and trade unions. For instance, the activation network works closely with the Labor party of Canada, numerous progressive parties and even unions across North America. VAN isnโ€™t just involved in national presidential campaigns but is also actively involved in all other elections.

The technology company is particularly expected to play a significant role in delivering a win for the Democratic Party in the upcoming elections for the House of Representatives and the Senate. It also participates in social courses like the recent participation in the International day without women that helps affirm the importance of gender equality in all spheres of life.


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