Milan Kordestani: Professional At 19

Milan Kordestani is a champion horse rider, a business owner, a college student, and a writer.

Born in Stanford, California, Milan moved to London when he was about 10 years old.

A year later, Milan moved back to the states where he attended high school in Atherton and obtained his high school diploma.

Milan has been riding horses since the age of 10.

During his first encounter with a horse, the animal went wild and threw Milan off.

The horse then proceeded to run away, but Milan went after it, caught up with it, and climbed back atop the animal.

His father, Omid, fondly remembers that moment and refers to Milan’s determination as “surprising” because not too many 10 year olds would be eager to get back on a horse that had thrown them off.

This is just one example of Milan’s determination and drive to succeed. He has also ranked in multiple competitions. His rankings are as follows:

  • 4th place at the World’s Championship Horse Show in 2015
  • 3rd place at the American Royal in 2015
  • 2nd place at the World’s Champion Horse Show in 2016

As can be seen by his rankings, Milan is consistently improving as an equestrian. He has his sights set on winning a blue ribbon, which is completely doable for someone so driven.

When Milan isn’t atop a horse, he is attending classes at Colorado College or writing for the Huffington Post.

For the Post, Milan writes about politics, agriculture, and mental health.

His business is Milan Farms.

This is a completely organic farm that humanely raises chickens and grows saffron and mint.

Milan has been experimenting with ways to grow his saffron hydroponically and if he is successful, he will be the first person to ever do so.

Although the young entrepreneur started his business at the age of 16, he is very professional when it comes to dealing with customers.

Milan feels that businessmen should keep no secrets from their customers and should always have an answer at the ready whenever a customer has any questions or concerns.

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