Mighty Fortress Church and other Architecturally Pleasing Places of Worship in the State of Minnesota

Minnesota might be known as the land of 1,000 lakes but perhaps not surprisingly to the locals it is also a land of great pride and history. Minnesotans are very hard working and industrious, and they transmit that same spirit in their places of worship as well. There are a number of unique and historic churches that call Minnesota home, including the following:

1. Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church (Minneapolis)

This magnificent church has many pointed spires and a steeple that once made it the second tallest building in Minneapolis. Architect Edwin Haley Hewitt modeled the church after Ely Cathedral in Cambridge, England. This church was built around 1916 and features the same English rural Gothic style of the church in England. I guess they were right when they said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

2. Church of Saint Mary’s (New Trier, MN)

The Church of Saint Mary’s is located at 8433 239th Street East in tiny New Trier (population: 112). This church is designed in a Beaux-Arts style which is reminiscent of the many German immigrants from Trier who settled the town. The immigrants first arrived in 1854 and the first church they built was a simple log church. They soon graduated to a larger place of worship and then they decided to build this newer, larger church in 1909. The Church of Saint Mary’s was designed by architect George J. Ries and is now on the National Register of Historic Places.

3. Church of the Holy Communion (St. Peter)

The Church of the Holy Communion is a little A-frame Gothic style church in the scenic community of St. Peter. Designed by noted ecclesiastical architect Henry Martyn Congdon, the church used local Kasota limestone in its construction in 1869. The charming little structure was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1983.

4. Mighty Fortress Church (Minneapolis, MN)

Although these churches of yesteryear are impressive, the time is now for a new approach to places of worship. Mighty Fortress Church seeks to address that.

They have a modern style of architecture that is noted for their informal and relaxed style. Individuals are encouraged to “come as they are” and learn many new insights from God’s Word.

At the helm of this church is Bishop Thomas Williams, who has spent 30 years in professional Christian ministry. He is a firm believer that the problems of sin, poverty, sickness, disease, racism and moral decay can only be solved by the insights found in God’s Word. If you are relocating to the Minneapolis area and are looking for a new church home, you might give the Mighty Fortress Church some serious consideration.

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