Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Looking to Displace Amazon

Amazon has been at the top of the list when you look at the best sellers of online clothing and apparel. They are so far ahead of the nearest competitor that they command nearly 20 percent of all the sales each year. That being said, it looks like Kate Hudson’s Fabletics did not get that memo, as they are looking to not only pass Amazon, but to take the number one spot. Hard to argue with a company that has a celebrity as an owner and sales that are exceeding $250 million in only three short years.


Listening to Hudson talk about her athleisure brand, she gives credit for any success to her reverse showrooming sales technique and membership perks. These are not unique sales processes, but somehow Hudson has found a winning formula that is allowing her company to rake in the money faster than anyone could have imagined. Let’s take a closer look at what is happening in the mall, where the retail Fabletics store is full of women looking to get their hands on the latest in yoga pants, leggings, and tank tops. Women are trying everything on that they can, applying for membership, enhancing the membership by taking the Lifestyle Quiz, and just window-shopping without pressure from sales associates.


With all that activity in the mall, you would think that is where all the sales are being made. Quite the contrary, the lion-share of all sales at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is actually taking place at the online store. What is happening here is that since the customers have been trying on the clothing at the mall, they don’t have any reservations when they shop online. Without the concern of sizing issues like when they visit eBay or Amazon, now they are free to surf the expansive online inventory for new arrivals, unique styles, and fun vibrant colors.


Look how the shopping experience at other clothing retailers is really turning off shoppers and fueling the explosion in sales at Fabletics. If you are the first to find those new leggings or colorful tank tops, you want them in your hands so you can show them off at the gym. When you buy at Amazon and the clothing arrives the wrong size, the back and forth of shipping the wrong and then right sizes just takes away from the entire shopping experience. When the right piece does arrive, the thrill of being the first to own the piece is gone.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics does offer more in the way of rewards, from free shipping for online orders to discounts on active-wear and workout apparel throughout the store. This company will even assign your very own personal shopper who is going to select an item based on quiz results and leave it in your cart once a month for consideration. This is not your average shopping experience, and women appear to be responding in record numbers by getting their workout apparel from a company dedicated to providing them superior customer service and high-quality merchandise.

Black Friday week is still going strong! Shop the sale in stores and online. (Link in bio)

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