Justin Brown, Brown Agency Company

Brown Agency has been a result of Heyman Talent South purchase by Whilhemnia Austin in Texas and this has created the Brown Agency in Texas and this is now one of the best agencies in Austin, Texas.


The headquarters will be in Austin with offices in Dallas and a presence in Los Angeles. Justin Brown will be the head of the office. The combination of the two companies provides clients with a broader portfolio. Michael Bonnee will head the theatrical division of the Brown Agency.


Brown Agency clients include worldwide companies such as global designers, computer companies and an automobile company and – also other other well known brands. Justin Brown is happy about the new agencies combination, and he often says “we are only as good as our talent”. And this as common a saying of his that you will hear often.


Brown was born in Reno, NV and grew up in Susanville, CA, a small town. He left for Southern California at the age of 18 and has been in the business since then. He said the place 20 to the 30 percent of talent. He moved to Austin in 2005, and has been there


since. People may think that the Modelling business in unregulated but there is a state regulation agency in Texas. Brown has experience in NYC and Los Angeles to add to his experience in the Modelling business.


According to Market Wired, it would appears that the Agency is in good hands with Brown leading it and has bright plans for the future. He heads JB Models and Talent that was licensed by the Wilhemena National Talent Agency 2010. So this give him a lot more time for researh and building. He really likes being part of the Austin scene. Brown and his agency are now big players in the Texas market, and could be an Agency to watch in the future.


Brown has gone the long way into the Agency business and this may actually end up being a benefit in that he knows the ins and outs and can deal with obstacles. The new merger will surely by beneficial to his company and the large size will help.



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