Jorge Moll and The Virtue of His Efforts to Solve Neurological Problems

It is said by the great Cicero himself that glory would follow virtue as if it were its inseparable shadow. Whenever you do good things to people, you get the glory that is so hard and rare to achieve. In the case of Jorge Moll and in the brilliance in his effort to help the disabled and those whose living conditions are limited and marginalized, the glory comes in the form of the reputation, respect and commercial success that he’s gained over the years.


The Man With Vision for Neurology

You probably already know about Jorge Moll as the man who is able to handle the operations of D’Or Institute for Research and Education (I.DOR) as the president and member of its governing unit. It’s a beautiful thing to be part of the operations of a non-profit that helps people have better lives, but what makes it even more rewarding for Mr. Moll is the fact that he’s not doing it alone. As long as he is with people he loves and he is working with improving the lives of many, he is always doing the virtuous thing. The extra gravy there is that Mr. Moll can achieve better and quicker results by collaborating with the different groups out there that share the same cause as his (

On the condition that the business he builds is in line with the responsibilities and duties of being part of the end goal of his vision, he would still be pushing the business and commercial side of his ventures. His background as a member of Brazilian Academy of Sciences also makes him an excellent asset to help other groups. He can then always assist those that need the kind of assistance that no other medical business leader can offer.

Truly, as long as we have people like Jorge Moll in our midst, we can be sure that more good will come out of the research in finding solutions for neurological problems, such as stroke and nerve disorders. Truly, with the kind of passion, drive and commercial ventures that Jorge Moll has, there will come a time that we would no longer need his help. That’s because all the issues in neurological health are already covered.



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