Jason Hope: Bringing Hope in the Medical World through Philanthropic Steps

In the current world, there are so many health issues experienced by various people at different levels of age. They range from minor conditions to the most dreadful health conditions, and each of them has an impact on the society. Out of all the conditions, one medical condition affects every person regardless of their life habits, their geographical locations, their income, nor their health matters. This condition is aging. It has been a natural process that counters every individual while all factors are kept constant. Everyone gets old, bones begin to grow weak, the skins begin to wrinkle, and in most extreme cases, the ability to do some things becomes low. Moreover, most people become easily vulnerable to other medical infections as they grow older. Some of the diseases include high blood pressure, cancer, and arthritis. The major challenge is that the medical world has concentrated on treating these conditions rather than having a mechanism of preventing them. In most cases, the research done on the life-threatening diseases is to ensure that the patients have a way of coping up with them rather than addressing the original cause and diagnose the roots.

With all the prevailing conditions in life-threatening infections and aging, Jason Hope, a well-known business person has brought hope in the whole matter through his new approach. His intention is to help individuals enjoy a long life which means halting and reducing the process of aging.

Jason Hope is giving out his cash to lay the foundations of the project through organizations with the mission of transforming the health institutions in treating and eradicating the aging effects in the entire world.

This is a bold step and dedication towards the lives of many. Jason Hope has supported SENS Foundation, a charitable organization that ensures the public gains access to new technology that will counter the aging process and prevent the occurrence of the illnesses associated with aging. His first funding was in December 2010 worth $500,000. Jason’s initial contribution was announced at San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts during an event named Breakthrough Philanthropy.

SENS Foundation is among the many organization that use biotechnology in getting new approaches towards treatment and prevention of disease that threaten the human life as well as improve their health. The organization was founded in 2009 and since then it ventures into many research programs that are designed to eradicate aging outcome and conditions. Jason Hope is happy with the work the organization is doing even in other infections like diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

About Jason Hope: www.facebook.com/public/Jason-Hope

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