Instant Alliance and Rona Borre: Hiring Talent for Companies Globally:

 Rona Bore and Instant Alliance have made a breakthrough
Rona Bore’s  and Instant Alliance have   made a breakthrough

A successful IT recruiting and staff hiring firm based in Chicago, Instant Alliance believes that people are the biggest and an essential asset to any business growth. With their heads on a team of expert talent seekers, they aspire to work with companies and fuel their growth by looking for unique candidates. They also partner with trade associations and IT providers to serve their clients and candidates to the full extent of their capabilities.


There are two types of staffing that deals with; technology staffing and financial staffing. Their services regarding these processes of staffing include working with organizations to provide the best contract staffing solutions to connect them to the perfect talent. Moreover, IT teams are designed in collaboration with the client’s IT initiatives and HR team. Financial staffing services provide talent acquisition to leaders regarding their finance teams. Top leaders are identified for permanent finance staffing. The difference between the two lies in the fact that former deals in connecting to the client’s IT staff requirements and the latter to their finance executives.
It is true that people are a company’s biggest resource and investment, and has an impressive team that is headed by Rona Borre. As a leading female entrepreneur, Borre has helped Instant Alliance make more revenue every year. This has resulted in Instant Alliance being recognized by the international community. Ms. Borre was named the Enterprising Woman of the Year by Enterprising Women Magazine, which speaks volumes about how Instant Alliance has progressed during her tenure. With the collective belief to assist companies globally by connecting them with the right talent, both Rona Bore and Instant Alliance have made a breakthrough in the field of talent acquisition and staffing.


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