Gregory Aziz: Contribution To Renovation Of The National Steel Car

National Steel Car is a top manufacturing company in the world. It deals with the production of railroad freight cars. It is located in Hamilton, Canada and was established in 1912. National Steel Car has clearly been in business operations for the last one century and continues to do very well even today. Despite facing various challenges, the company has emerged victorious. Currently, it is being managed by CEO Gregory Aziz who bought it in 1994 from another company known as DOFASCO. Greg took up the mandate of renovating the company since it was in bad shape by the time he was taking over its leadership.


Gregory Aziz has a long history of helping companies succeed. In the 1970s after completing his degree, he assisted his family to build a food company. The family-owned business grew from wholesale business in Ontario to be one of the best in North America. Gregory J Aziz left the company after making huge gains. He decided to join the banking sector to practice his economics degree. He worked with various banks in New York where he learned about investing in large businesses. While working in the banking sector, he had an opportunity to meet the former owner of the National Steel Car, and this was when the agreement to buy the company was reached.


Not many investors would take the bold step taken by Greg Aziz. He took over the management of the company knowing very well that it was performing poorly. However, he had hopes that the company would develop into a huge business since he had everything needed to make the company successful again. Armed with experience from the banking sector and from the food business, he was ready to face the challenges that were posed by the railroad manufacturer.


Immediately he took over the management of the company; he worked on key factors that would spur development in the company. He recruited a team of professionals to help him in managing the company, especially on the technical aspects. Gregory J Aziz had engineers who shared in the dream he had. They worked together, and in just five years, the company was producing over 12,000 cars annually from 3,500 previously.


Gregory James Aziz took over the company, and it started operating like a newly created firm. The number of employees in the firm increased from 600 to over 2000. The economy of Ontario developed due to the growth of this company.  Visit This Page for related information.

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