Goettl Air Conditioning Shows How To Attain Energy Efficiency

Goettl Air Conditioning a company that has been around for many years. They recently released a comprehensive list of ways to be more energy efficient with air conditioning units which also results in lower energy bills.

Among the tips offered by Goettl is the importance of weatherizing a home. An air conditioning unit is going to have to work much harder to keep a house cool if the home is leaky. Patching up places where the air is escaping the home as well as making sure the home has a proper amount of insulation is the most important factor in lowering bills. Also, the air conditioning unit should be kept in the shade in order to help it efficiently cool air before sending it into your home.

Thermostats should also be kept in a shaded spot – sun shining on it can fool it into thinking the house is hotter than it actually is. The best temperature to keep the house at is 78 degrees – each degree cooler than that increases the amount of energy used to keep the house cooler by 8%.

Another important tip is to have the air conditioning system tuned up which will restore it to more efficiency like when it was new. If a system is very old it’s a good idea to replace it as systems today are far more efficient than they were even 10 years ago.

Goettl Air Conditioning is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona and also has locations in Tuscon, Las Vegas, and areas of Southern California. They have been rapidly expanding over the last 5 years and will be opening several new offices over the next few years.

While Goettl is mostly known as an air conditioning company, they also service and install heating equipment as well as providing duct cleaning services.


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