Glen Wakeman, A Brief Description Of His Journey

Glen Wakeman is a business leader who honed the art of instructing small independent businesses to implement several factors into their industries in order that they generate their maximum potential to ultimately profit majorly as a subsequent result. Glen Wakeman is the CEO and Co-Founder of Launch Pad holdings, where ideas are fed, explained, and sharpened so that the proper education is dispensed out to individuals who just have an idea, but do not have a plan to carry out their well thought out ah hah moments. Yes the worst job Glen ever endured was at a car shop where the work was grotesque and filthy, yet Glen persevered and now he is an Executive, Member of a Board, Chief Officer, Small Business Owner, and a Mentor with more than fifteen years of supervising staff at General Electric under his belt. Even though Glen Wakeman initially regretted not having a means of communication with the friendships he has cultivated over his two decades of experience in investments, he attributes that social media may more or less help colleagues connect to each other easier, in order to maintain the sacred bridge certain people share. Despite past reflections, Glen actively seeks out associations whose members are of the entrepreneurial spirit, thus expanding his ability to maintain contacts of people whom he meets. Glen has had many ups and downs as an innovator of the corporate world, but he has always learned from them, and has also allowed those difficult times to expand his curiosity. In fact, curiosity is the one ingredient Glen Wakeman utilizes whenever he faces a situation which allows him to embrace a change of some sort. Speaking of the ability to sense when learning needs to happen, Glen has learned there is an undeveloped niche in the area of connecting creatives and executives to do real life business deals together called Snarkify.



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