Don Ressler’s Businesses In The Fashion World Are Cashing In

TechStyle Fashion Group has become a big success in the e-commerce space. The birth of this enterprise is attributed to the union between technology and the fashion industry. The business has incorporated aspects of digital technology into the fashion world. The founders of the firm have had a major role in ensuring the company consistently grows.

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler who are the founders of TechStyle Fashion Group came into the market open-mindedly. It’s there never-ending efforts and that of their management teams and employees that made TechStyle a success.

Before venturing into TechStyle, Adam and Don had both made tremendous strides in the business world. While Don had made a fortune running his online business, Adam, on the other hand, witnessed the results of his hard work when his career in marketing earned a lot of money and business connections.

The two entrepreneurs were evidently destined to succeed when they decided to team up and create enterprises together. When their careers were at their best, the two left Intermix Media. A company they both worked for diligently. Their working experience at Intermix played a prominent role in shaping the careers of Don and Adam.

Though their stay at Intermix was short-lived, this is where the two businessmen met and became terrific friends. They shared a zeal for success, and both knew that the other would be a right business partner. The two shared their dreams in the fashion world, and together they saw the birth of JustFab Inc. Since they had earlier been involved in marketing, Don, and Adam had no problem in getting themselves through the hurdles that they came across in the business world. They decided to approach the fashion industry with a unique strategy which involved making technology a part of their business.

Over time, JustFab has benefited from funds brought by investors from different angles. When Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg left Intermix Media, they had amassed a fortune from the success of Alena Media. They saved up the money. When JustFab gained root in the industry, became widely known and the demand for their fashion products escalated, a group of investors known as Matrix Partners joined and provided more capital.

The funds brought into the enterprise through investments enabled JustFab to expand and improve its inventory. The funding brought about the growth of JustFab. Today JustFab as a company is a force to reckon in the fashion e-commerce.

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