Desiree Perez – Ensuring Tidal App Sail Through Doldrums Effortlessly

Desiree Perez has been in the news lately for all the right reasons because she has single-handedly been able to bring that much-needed renaissance in the highly potential Tidal app, which is a high fidelity music streaming service. She currently holds the position of negotiator, strategic planner, accountant and advisor for Roc Nation Sports, Roc Nation, and Tidal.


Music Industry is huge, and live streaming is a space that has scope for growth. Tidal, even though started off as a very interesting music streaming app, couldn’t deliver as expected, but that was until Desiree Perez came into the scene. And, Tidal is already back in the game, and with a bang. She has already announced that Tidal is here to stay and that lots more is coming in the days to come, which has many people got excited about this streaming service. Tidal went through a rollercoaster ride since its beginning as the earlier management stepped down, keeping the users in disarray as to what the future of Tidal beholds.

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However, the founder of Tidal, Jay-Z has not shown any sign of bogging down to this turbulent ride, especially with Desiree Perez by his side. Desiree has been working with Jay-Z for over twenty years, and with her taking over the management of Tidal, it has already since a surge in membership. Tidal is now enjoying far more stability than it was experiencing when the earlier management and leaders looked the other side, while Tidal was facing waves of struggle to compete with other counterparts. Desiree has helped Jay-Z sign a few multi-million contracts.


Being associated with Jay-Z for many years and having her own business has helped her gain business acumen that helps negotiate aggressively and sign deals that reaps in profits, where others would have given up already. And, it is this momentum that has helped Desiree to create interest back for Tidal among the users. The curiosity for the service is increasing, and so are the memberships. The membership drive particularly took a big leap when Desiree was able to rope in single exclusives for Tidal from the likes of Rihanna, T.I., Kanye West and Beyonce.  Check this on


Desiree’s experience, accounting capabilities and strong negotiation skills are well known in the entertainment business circle. In recent updates from the sources, it has come to light that to counter Apple Music and Spotify; Samsung has shown interest in the outright purchase of Tidal. And, while that happens or not remains to be seen, one thing can be said for sure that Desiree has successfully managed to bring out of the doldrums, and back into the business while increasing its initial potential manifolds at the same time.

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