ClassDojo Has Plans To Bring Mindfulness And De-Stressing Lessons To Its Platform

ClassDojo has been at work trying to change how young students think when it comes to participating in class. When it was first started, the ClassDojo founders and a team from Stanford University had mindset growth videos produced, but now they’re working on “mindfulness” lessons. These lessons encourage students to take a little time to stop and listen and not become stressed about their challenges. ClassDojo has become a major social media and learning platform for classrooms all over the country.


The founders of ClassDojo are two graduate students from the UK named Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. They were app developers who decided to do something more than just make an app for profit. They wanted it to be something that could change things in a great area of need, and they soon thought of education and how classroom activities could be made better. Their app, ClassDojo started as a behavior reward app, but after seeing how Facebook and Instagram worked, they decided to follow a similar model that could keep parents in the classroom.


ClassDojo has parents and teachers constantly talking to each other and has allowed many schools to do away with parent-teacher meetings because of this. ClassDojo is completely free both to use the features and watch the student mindset growth videos, but there are plans in the works to bring about optional pay content that may also include textbooks. Administrators can be involved but teachers don’t have to have their approval to download the app.


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