Securus Technologies Is Revolutionizing The Incarceration Environment

More than two million people in the United States are behind bars. Federal and state prisons across the country are not just jails that hold convicted criminals; they are war zones where rival ethnic groups and gangs battle for dominance and power. Rick Smith, the CEO and chairman of Securus Technology, and his executive team are constantly developing products and new services that help prison officials prevent crimes. Securus is a premier technology company that happens to have more enforcement and correction patents than any other prison service company. Securus has hundreds of patents in its extensive corrections portfolio, and those patents cover fraud detection, commissary services, inmate calling and monitoring services as well as other products and services. Rick Smith recently told Securus was instrumental in obtaining a search warrant to bring down a corrupt prison staff member. Securus got information about the corrupt prison official through a Securus phone system in that prison.



Rick Smith gets letters from correctional facilities all over the country, and those letters describe the contribution Securus makes to the prison system in the United States. A recent letter from a prison official explains the importance of Securus monitoring system in place at that particular prison. The letter credits Securus for uncovering a drug-selling ring, alcohol use, as well as, drug use in that prison. Another letter credits Securus investigation tools for stopping the flow of contraband material that plagues state and federal prisons. Those letters are just a small sample of the positive comments Smith receives weekly.



Mr. Smith and his team at Securus focus on the specialized needs of corrections community. More than 2,600 prisons in 45 states, Canada, and Mexico say Securus is number one when it comes to providing technical solutions and quick customer service. Securus operates from the main office in Dallas, Texas, but the company also has regional offices in metro Dallas and one office in Atlanta Georgia.




Securus Technologies Making Life Easier for Corrections Officers

As a corrections officer, I can tell you from personal experience that this is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. The inmates can not be caged 24 hours a day, so they must be free to interact with each other and the officers. On any given day, at any given time, the inmates hold a numbers advantage over the officers, and they know it. If the inmates were to simply attack, they would be able to take over the staff quickly.


For that reason and more, officers need to be on alert every second of every shift for any trouble. The inmates not only out number us, they are locked in jail 24 hours a day, they are constantly looking for cracks in the system, and exploit them when they can. Even when I work a 12 hour shift, the inmates know more about the day-to-day activities than I do.


Keeping myself and other officers safe is a daily challenge, and if word comes down from a high-ranking gang leader to take out an officer, the lower-level soldiers don’t blink an eye when following out those orders. Although we do have some intelligence on the inside, it is not enough to keep the inmates from attempting to hurt my team.


When Securus Technologies installed our new inmate communications system, it was a game-changer. When I was trained on the LBS software, what I discovered was chatter between inmates was more involved than we thought. We overheard orders coming in from outside the jail, going down the ranks to the soldiers, who would meet with visitors who smuggled in weapons right under our noses.


Thanks to the LBS software, we can intercept these calls and break the chain of communication before any of our officers at put at risk.