Neurocore Hopes to Change the Stigma Behind Depression and Mental Health

Many people in the United States may not seek the help that they need because of the negative stigma surrounding depression and mental health. Those who are not fully educated about depression may not believe that it is a serious medical condition. However, depression is in fact very serious and it is also very treatable.

Some of the common types of depression are Major Depressive Disorder (characterized by consistent sadness for at least two weeks), Persistent Depressive Disorder (lasting two years or longer), Postpartum Depression (occurring after childbirth), and Seasonal Affective Disorder (occurring in seasons when there is little sunlight). People may develop depression if they have recently been through a stressful event such as divorce or financial problems. It is also more likely to occur in people with a family history of depression due to biological factors.

Regardless of the cause, even the most serious forms of depression are treatable. It is usually treated with a combination of medication and therapy, but sometimes it may require additional treatment options. There are also drug-free forms of treatment available called neurofeedback therapy.

Symptoms of depression can be very frustrating and can become life-threatening even though the symptoms may not always be apparent. Depression is the leading cause of disability among people ages 15-44, and the second leading cause of suicide. If you or someone you know is experiencing negative thoughts, it is important to get help and treatment as soon as possible. The earlier treatment is received, the more effective it is.

Neurocore consists of performance centers that specialize in providing brain-based assessments and training to help children and adults manage disorders. They were founded in 2004 and currently have nine brain performance centers in Michigan and Florida. Neurocore helps treat disorders such as ADHD, Anxiety, Autism, and Depression.

The centers use qEEG brainwave mapping technology and symptom rating scales to create complete pictures of the symptoms. They then create a customized treatment plan using the brain map and the diagnostic results. Their treatment will include a customized, non-invasive neurofeedback program to help people overcome their disorder.

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James Dondero Investing in the Future of Dallas

Deep in the heart of Texas, investor James Dondero has worked to build a portfolio of accomplishments, not just in finance but within his Dallas community. His work as a hedge fund manager and investor led to Dondero becoming co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management, but his achievements span far beyond his company.

Starting his now 30 year finance career at the University of Virginia, Dondero double majored in Accounting and Finance, graduating with the highest honors of Beta Game Sigma and Beta Alpha Psi. That same year, he began working as an analyst with the Morgan Guaranty training program, then went onto join American Express as a corporate bond analyst. Less than 5 years later, Dondero was a portfolio manager for American Express, managing approximately $1 billion in fixed income funds.

Becoming co-founder of Highland Capital Management in 1993, Dondero foraged Highland into collateralized loan obligation and credit-oriented solutions for both institutional and retail investors around the world. In addition to being president and co-founder of Highland, Dondero is the chairman and president of NexPoint Residential Trust, chairman of NexBank Capital, and is a board member of Jernigan Capital, to name just a few of his finance achievements and commitments.

It is Dondero’s commitment to Dallas’ and his own community where he wants to make the biggest waves. When the Dallas Zoo was forced to close its hippopotamus habitat, Dondero donated $1 million to help reopen the habitat. The Dallas Zoo has been able to continue their hippo habitat, now aptly named the Highland Capital Lodge.

To capitalize on the philanthropic work he can accomplish, Dondero formed the Highland Dallas Foundation with Mary Jalonick in an effort to dedicate more than $3 million each year to his chosen charities. The foundation focuses on helping support veterans, education, and healthcare in the Dallas area. Dondero’s love of finance has enabled him to give back even greater to the city that has his heart, Dallas.

Mighty Fortress Church the Ultimate Worship Center

Statistics have it that most houses of worship in Minnesota are lovely and have incredible architecture and a vibrant history. One of those churches is Cathedral of St. Paul, St. Paul. It is undoubtedly the most beautiful church in Minnesota. It is located on top of Summit Hill. The church was built in the early 1990 and is the third largest church in the entire US. Its structure is like that of French churches in Paris.

Church of the Sacred Heart Freeport is yet another beautiful church. It is located in a town known as Freeport in Stearns County. Besides being small, it has one of the nicest interior design. It was built in the early 1900s. Basilica of St. Mary, Minneapolis is yet an incredibly beautiful church. The Church’s interior displays a sense of incredible detail. Every summer the church holds a festival known as Basilica Block Party for local charities and the structure. It is a historic church.

People in need of knowing Christ, deepening their relationship with Christ or even creating a lifelong relationship with people, Mighty Fortress Church is the place to be. It is known to transform the lives of many through Bible teaching and worships. It provides worshippers with the best atmosphere since it appreciates the needs of others. It is evident to MFI that most people fail to go to church because of the formal nature of some churches.

The word of God has transformed many people as this is the main reason for coming to the house of worship. During the worship, one can rest assured that they will not only be encouraged, but they will receive spiritual refreshment, inspiration, and lots of blessings. Some virtues that are cultivated in this church include love, sensitivity and being mindful of others.

The senior pastor of Mighty Fortress Church is Bishop T, R. William. He has been in ministry for more than three decades. He is the founder of Mighty Fortress International Church and ministries. He graduated from the Rhema Bible Training Center located in Tulsa Oklahoma. He also has a degree in mass communication from North Central University, Minneapolis.

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Dr. Akhil Reddy

Dr Akhil Reddy is a dental practitioner that always had a passion for both medicine and dentistry. Dr Akhil Reddy is a dental practitioner at MB2 Dental. Being a part of MB2 Dental permits Dr Akhil Reddy to work in various parts of the United States as well as gain new insight and experience. Meeting new people and tackling new challenges makes the job even more special to Dr. Reddy.

Dr Reddy attended the University of the Pacific. He was enrolled in their accelerated dental program. This special program allows students to finish their dental degree within a shorter amount of time as opposed to traditional dental degree programs.

Dr Akhil Reddy received his B.S. in Biological Sciences followed by his Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree. Therefore, by the time Dr. Reddy was 25 years of age he already had his Doctor of Dental Surgery. After graduation, Dr. Reddy established his first dental practice in Texas.

After a decade of working within his own practice in Texas, Dr. Reddy decided to become a member of MB2 Dental. MB2 Dental has under 100 employees but the company is experiencing tremendous growth. In addition, MB2 Dental has over 50 offices nationwide.

MB2 Dental Solutions is based out of Carrollton Texas. MB2 Dental Solutions allowed Dr. Reddy to bring his dental practice as well as his expertise to a whole new level.

MB2 Dental offers Dental Practice Affiliation opportunities. In addition, the organization will handle a dentists weekly payroll, any legal issues that may arise and the will maintain compliance. This takes a great deal of burden off the practitioner so that he or she can simply focus on their clientele. Compliance Practice Assessments are now available upon request.

Dental Practice Assessments are also available through MB2 Dental. The Dental Practice Assessment will determine if a dental practitioner would benefit by becoming a part of MB2 Dental. On line assessment forms are available through the MB2 Dental web site.

MB2 now offers Associate Dental opportunities. This program will attempt to match qualified dentists with existing dental opportunities. MB2 makes it a point to match dentists with opportunities that are compatible with their experience level as well as goals. The recruitment ream will work effortlessly to find a qualified dentist the right position.

The MB2 web site is updated regularly and allows you to search career opportunities on line. In addition, the web site also has an Blog which is quite informational.

Dr. Reddy seems to have found his calling when he became a member of MB2 Dental. Becoming a member of this organization has allowed Dr. Reddy to explore his ambitions more freely and has enabled him to meet new people each and every day.

The travel aspect of being a part of MB2 Dental is what Dr. Reddy enjoys. Being able to do what you do best and travel to different areas is so very exciting and quite fulfilling.

Dr Akhil Reddy is not sure what the future holds however, he is certain that whatever he decides to do MB2 Dental will help him make his ultimate decision.

Neurocore – Helps Many Who Suffer With Depression

Depression is sadly the 2nd leading cause of suicide today. It’s reported that millions of adults suffer from the serious disorder and many times, go untreated. It’s so important to understand the effects of depression and get the necessary help needed. Neurocore is a worldwide company that is trained to help you get the necessary treatment needed with no medication. They complete an assessment on your brain to interpret how it is working. They used advanced technology to analyze the brain activity which can help identify the causes of your depression. After all the tests are completed, they provide a detailed guide specifically tailored to you with their feedback and different options you can take. They have had a lot of success with their patient’s and continue to provide therapy to many who suffer from depression.

There are many different factors that play a part in depression and some may have a larger impact than you think. Most people think that people are depressed because certain events that have happened in their life, which can be absolutely true. However, some people suffer from depression without having any traumatizing events. Research shows that people who have went through stressful events tend to have a higher risk of developing some form of depression. There are several different forms that Neurocore will assess and help resolve. Not every sign and symptom is going to be obvious when it comes to diagnosing depression. Each person can experience a different form and at different levels. Some may cope with it easier while others may tend to really have a hard time. Neurocore wants everyone who suffers from depression to understand that it’s not just about being sad, and that they know it’s so much more that affects those who are diagnosed. Funding for the mental disorder has become an issue recently. They are working hard to obtain the necessary funds to help those who experience the signs and symptoms, so they can live a normal, happy life. Neurocore is equipped to helps those with even the most severe cases of depression and help each patient to have hope in the fact that they can be treated.

James Dondero: ‘Money Maker’

James Dondero is an American, a certified management accountant, a chartered financial analyst, an investor, and businessman. He is perhaps best known as the co-founder of Highland Capital Management (HCM) which, along with his longtime friend James Okada, he launched in 1993. At HCM he is responsible for handling distressed investments and hedge fund management.

James Dondero is presently living in Dallas, Texas. He has garnered more than three decades in credit and equity markets. Online sources indicate it all began with a formal education.

Following his graduation from high school, James Dondero attended the University of Virginia. It was there that he earned his undergraduate degree in finance and accounting.

James Dondero has also scored a number of different awards for his different skills. They include such honors as the Lipper Award and Morningstar’s Award. One of his more recent achievements was Dondero’s nomination to the executive board of a well-known Dallas institution known as the Southern Methodist University.

He was given the position because he demonstrated a commitment to improving the education of young people in the local Dallas area. After all, James Dondero is reportedly known for his involvement in the community. This was not, in fact, his first interaction with the educational institution.

For example, he was a supporter of both the construction of their library and the institution’s public policy. James Dondero has also publicly stated the university has a major impact on the number of professionals presently in the Dallas area. He also noted that his business, Highland Capital Management has also benefited.

The Board And More
The board is made up of 100 individuals from diverse areas including non-academic members. Their main purpose is to advise the other board members on different issues. This newly appointed board meets a total of three times a year: spring, fall, and winter.

Dondero has similar responsibilities elsewhere. He has been on the boards of CCS Medical, Cornerstone Healthcare, Jernigan Capital, and even MGM Studios. Finally, Dondero also currently serves on the NexPoint Residential Trust Board and, of course, the NexBank Board.

Mighty Fortress Church and other Architecturally Pleasing Places of Worship in the State of Minnesota

Minnesota might be known as the land of 1,000 lakes but perhaps not surprisingly to the locals it is also a land of great pride and history. Minnesotans are very hard working and industrious, and they transmit that same spirit in their places of worship as well. There are a number of unique and historic churches that call Minnesota home, including the following:

1. Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church (Minneapolis)

This magnificent church has many pointed spires and a steeple that once made it the second tallest building in Minneapolis. Architect Edwin Haley Hewitt modeled the church after Ely Cathedral in Cambridge, England. This church was built around 1916 and features the same English rural Gothic style of the church in England. I guess they were right when they said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

2. Church of Saint Mary’s (New Trier, MN)

The Church of Saint Mary’s is located at 8433 239th Street East in tiny New Trier (population: 112). This church is designed in a Beaux-Arts style which is reminiscent of the many German immigrants from Trier who settled the town. The immigrants first arrived in 1854 and the first church they built was a simple log church. They soon graduated to a larger place of worship and then they decided to build this newer, larger church in 1909. The Church of Saint Mary’s was designed by architect George J. Ries and is now on the National Register of Historic Places.

3. Church of the Holy Communion (St. Peter)

The Church of the Holy Communion is a little A-frame Gothic style church in the scenic community of St. Peter. Designed by noted ecclesiastical architect Henry Martyn Congdon, the church used local Kasota limestone in its construction in 1869. The charming little structure was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1983.

4. Mighty Fortress Church (Minneapolis, MN)

Although these churches of yesteryear are impressive, the time is now for a new approach to places of worship. Mighty Fortress Church seeks to address that.

They have a modern style of architecture that is noted for their informal and relaxed style. Individuals are encouraged to “come as they are” and learn many new insights from God’s Word.

At the helm of this church is Bishop Thomas Williams, who has spent 30 years in professional Christian ministry. He is a firm believer that the problems of sin, poverty, sickness, disease, racism and moral decay can only be solved by the insights found in God’s Word. If you are relocating to the Minneapolis area and are looking for a new church home, you might give the Mighty Fortress Church some serious consideration.

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Highland Seeks The Partnership Of Linda Owen To Effectively Management Its Growing Philanthropic Activities

Following the quick extension of Highland Capital Management, the organization’s leader and administrator recently chose to contract Terry Jones as the Institutional Products division president. Presently, Highland Capital Management (HCM) and its offshoots have over $20 billion in resources under management. Mr. Jones has over 25 years of involvement in the money sector having worked for different organizations. Prior to joining HCM, he served in boards of various organizations which include Lead Director of Battersby Capital Management and Genworth Life Insurance Company.
The Dallas-based investment advisor; Highlands Capital Management was founded by both Jim Dondero and Mark Okada. The organization is a standout amongst the most experienced venture consultants on the planet. The organization is a pioneer in numerous venture items, for example, separate accounts, collateralized loan obligations (CLOs), and institutional products and private equity.
For the last more than 20 years, Highland recorded amazing development both in the quantity of customers and resources under management. The organization is additionally a considerable donor to the community having expanded it magnanimous activities over the years. Linda will organize with The Dallas Foundation, the organization that as of now regulates HCM’s charitable money to give desired outcomes.
As indicated by James Dondero, there was a need for a committed proficient to deal with the extending altruistic exercises in ensuring it has the biggest effect on society. Jim has depicted Linda as a man with a demonstrated reputation for building open private associations in Dallas and a person who shares HCM’s vision in making a tangible effect in society. The commitments by HCM as of now remains over $3 million each year to charity firms. The collected money is used in supporting veterans’ projects, for example, health care, sport, and education in the Dallas community.
Dondero and Highland are more of a powerhouse in the field of offering back to their society. While directing their efforts in Dallas zone, they are supporting different projects, and so far they have made key charitable donations. Dondero invests significant energy to find out about the society, and how his organization can better offer its services. He guarantees that huge donations are made to various foundations in the Dallas zone in addition to companies that serve Texas state.

Honey Birdette Introduces Commercial Site

Honey Birdette is famed for being one of the best lingerie brands in the world. The brand has been in the international market for a very long time, and it has won the hearts of billions of women. Although the market is very competitive, Honey Birdette has emerged to be one of the leading companies. The company has been growing significantly in the recent times, and it has expanded to several continents.

Just recently, the international brand announced that it was going to launch a United States commercial site. The institution also acknowledged that it was going to expand its portfolio by increasing its stores to at least forty in the year 2018. The organization reached this decision after the recent growth in revenue. According to the company financial details, the institution has registered a 374 percent increase in revenue.

Eloise Monaghan is the prominent figure behind the success of the establishment. Eloise founded the lingerie brand several years ago with the primary aim of offering women the modern underwear they needed. The company wants to reach more clients by the end of the next financial year, and this is why they are introducing the e-commercial site. The first stores of the institution were opened in the year 2016, and they have grown so much due to the quality of products they have given the customers.

The leadership of the company has played a primary role in the success of the brand. The professionals given these positions are experienced and well trained, and they have the ability to tackle all the challenging tasks. The employees are also very passionate about their jobs, and this keeps them motivated at all times. Under the leadership of Eloise, the team has been working very hard to meet the demands of women from all walks of life.

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Agora Financial: Providing Ordinary People With Quality Investment Advice

Many individuals would like to retire in financial security after finishing their careers. Most people accomplish this by saving for a nest egg that they will utilize after their retirement. However, most individuals don’t have the expertise required to analyze market trends and predict financial bubbles. Most brokers and financial advisers are not fiduciaries, this means that they are not required by law to make decisions that are in their clients’ best interest. Most brokers also earn money via commissions for every trade that they carry out. This incentivizes them to make as many trades as possible at their clients’ expense. These reasons ensure many individuals want to manage their investments for themselves. Managing one’s own investment is a time consuming business due to the amount and depth of information that is available. It is easy for a novice investor to get overwhelmed by the amount of information that is available. Agora Financial is a company that was created to help such individuals manage investment information.
Agora Financial is a ten year old company that helps novice investors get high quality and understandable investment advice. Agora Financial provides its clients with online publications, books, documentaries, seminars and newsletters. The company has over 1 million users who are using Agora’s approach for managing their savings and investments. The company provides over 20 publications that target specific areas of the market. Some of the publications also show clients how to protect wealth, generate income and find companies that are poised for quick growth.
Agora’s research is unbiased and independent as they do not accept commissions or money from investors or companies. Additionally Agora’s analysts do not make predictions while sitting in a chair, instead they go to the field and investigate companies and projects on site. The company spends over $1 million annually in travel costs to ensure that its client’s find investment opportunities that are not yet mainstream.