Exciting App Changes the Way Parents and Teachers Talk

ClassDojo is an exciting new communication platform designed to help connect teachers and parents in a whole new way. The main idea behind this app is to create a way for teachers to communicate with parents far more often then the traditional once a semester parent/teacher conference. The app allows teachers to update parents on their child’s daily activities, social interactions, and behavior in the classroom. Teachers can even upload pictures and videos, giving parents an actual view into the classroom. This sort of technology allows teachers and parents to be partners in the child’s education.

In 2015, founders Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don raised 21 million dollars fo their company. This technology is currently in use at 85,000 schools around the country.  The Class Dojo app has three major ways for teachers, students, and parents to connect: a messaging system, a way to post videos and pictures, and original content designed to help students understand big social and emotional skills. And this additional 21 million dollars is going to be put to use expanding those tools.  Check www.linkedin.com for more.

While the company has yet to turn a profit, investotors aren’t expecting the company to do so for a least another year. The goal really is to engage parents and students in the classroom and to create a community that puts the education of the child in the hands on everyone. As a result of this high priority, the company has made the privacy of its users higher then the goal of making money and vowed not to abuse the trust parents and teachers have placed in the company. Instead they are thinking about introducing some premium products such as a special yearbook or the ability to pay for things like field trips through the app.  Based on www.angel.co.

Perhaps with such clear goals and dedication to the community, this app will foster a positive culture both inside the classroom and out.

See http://www.inc.com/salvador-rodriguez/classdojo-monetization-slack-classrooms.html.