Instant Alliance and Rona Borre: Hiring Talent for Companies Globally:

 Rona Bore and Instant Alliance have made a breakthrough
Rona Bore’s  and Instant Alliance have   made a breakthrough

A successful IT recruiting and staff hiring firm based in Chicago, Instant Alliance believes that people are the biggest and an essential asset to any business growth. With their heads on a team of expert talent seekers, they aspire to work with companies and fuel their growth by looking for unique candidates. They also partner with trade associations and IT providers to serve their clients and candidates to the full extent of their capabilities.


There are two types of staffing that deals with; technology staffing and financial staffing. Their services regarding these processes of staffing include working with organizations to provide the best contract staffing solutions to connect them to the perfect talent. Moreover, IT teams are designed in collaboration with the client’s IT initiatives and HR team. Financial staffing services provide talent acquisition to leaders regarding their finance teams. Top leaders are identified for permanent finance staffing. The difference between the two lies in the fact that former deals in connecting to the client’s IT staff requirements and the latter to their finance executives.
It is true that people are a company’s biggest resource and investment, and has an impressive team that is headed by Rona Borre. As a leading female entrepreneur, Borre has helped Instant Alliance make more revenue every year. This has resulted in Instant Alliance being recognized by the international community. Ms. Borre was named the Enterprising Woman of the Year by Enterprising Women Magazine, which speaks volumes about how Instant Alliance has progressed during her tenure. With the collective belief to assist companies globally by connecting them with the right talent, both Rona Bore and Instant Alliance have made a breakthrough in the field of talent acquisition and staffing.


Eric Pulier: Art Imitating Life

Whether it’s art imitating life or life imitating art, the need to help others whom are in need is a blueprint that everyone should strive to achieve. Having the ability to create things that others benefit from can be more rewarding than receiving the benefits yourself. There is one person in particular that lives life under this notion. Eric Pulier may not be a household name, but he’s achieved a high level of success from the ingenuity of his concepts. Mr. Pulier’s knowledge base covers a broad range such as education, technology, healthcare, and government. Life itself is full of challenges with little to no solutions, but Eric Pulier has marked aa change in the status quo. This Harvard graduate has developed numerous projects throughout his life time and has founded up to 15 companies thanks to his brilliant way of things. These companies include:

  • Service Mesh, Inc.
  • FLY
  • Akana (software)
  • U.S. interactive, Inc.
  • Digital Evolution
  • And many more

Eric Pulier is the people’s champ as he’s won the heats and mind of many individuals. He just has a talent for coming up with new ideas then turning those ideas into a reality. This highly accomplished individual is all over the board thanks to his extensive knowledge. Pulier has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to charitable organizations, raised millions for capital venture deals, as well as invested in a number of tech start-up companies. The U.S. Doctors For Africa event named him as the top billed honoree in 2010. This honorable award goes to Pulier for his efforts for providing technical innovation to meet Africa’s healthcare needs.

In 1997 Pulier was chosen to build the “Bridge To The 21st Century” platform for President Bill Clinton’s 2nd term inauguration. This multi-day event was a huge success as it was broadcasted on most major news channels. This short article is only a small fraction of what this extraordinary man has achieved and Pulier will be consistently adding on too his legacy in the years to come.

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Eric Pulier’s Success as an Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Public Speaker

Eric Pulier is a renowned American executive. He wears many hats, including being an author, entrepreneur and a philanthropist. Eric was born and raised in New Jersey. Currently, he lives in Los Angeles, California. While in school, Eric majored in Information Technology. From a tender age, he loved programming. Later, he joined the prestigious Harvard University. However, he did not pursue a course in computer programming, but rather opted to study Literature.

As a philanthropist, Eric has contributed to numerous non-profit organizations. Additionally, he is a member of the revolution board of the X-Prize Base. This group focuses on holding contests aimed at solving the ultimate challenges faced by humans. In his capacity as a member of the board, Eric has been able to touch lives of children living with chronic illness. Owing to his numerous interactions with government officials, Presidential Maiden Committee endorsed Eric to create and execute the Presidential Technology Exhibition in Washington.

Eric has founded more than 15 companies. One of them is a restaurant in Santa Monica. This restaurant is attached to his nightclub. The other companies are Virtual Desktops, U.S. Interactive, Media Platform and SOA Software. Recently, Eric sold his enterprise for $350 million. Over the years, he has been helping individuals to turn their small ideas into startups worth millions of dollars. Eric is renowned for his creative products and his extensive experience in enterprise technology. He is the recipient of different accolades and awards. VAR Business named Eric as one of the 30 successful e-Visionaries.

Over the years, the public speaker has been giving insights on different topics at premier technology conferences around the world. Eric believes that for one to be successful, he or she needs to focus on several aspects. They include contributing to the society with purpose and joy. Because of his vast knowledge of the financial markets, Eric cautions investors to invest wisely. In addition, Eric asserts that there is need to avoid depression because it requires a lot of energy. If this energy is directed to the right places, it will create opportunities. In order to build dreams, individuals should have courage and believe in themselves. Eric is one of the active members in the innovative Bill Clinton’s Global Initiative. He is also the Enterprise Leadership Council’s executive director.