Graham Edwards Helps Supervise The Management Of Telereal

London has long been the center of English life. It’s also been one of the centers of European life. London is one of the biggest cities in Europe. For centuries, people around the world have chosen to make their home in this part of the globe. Today, this is as true as ever. One person who knows the London real estate market well is Graham Edwards. Graham Edwards is the Chief Executive Officer of one of the most respected real estate companies in the entire area. As such, he occupies a unique position that lets him survey the entire area and make judgement about the real estate market in this part of the world. His leadership has helped his company succeed in what can be a hugely competitive market. London real estate is much sought after by those in commercial and residential properties. Graham is a graduate of the very prestigious King’s College in London. He has also attended the University of Cambridge where he learned well how to navigate the business world and the position of leadership he occupies today.


Large Scale Property Transactions

Several years ago, Graham Edwards realized the need to continue to expand into the area markets. Part of his goal for expansion was to work with other companies that are equally involved in large scale London property deals. To that end, he sought out another company. In 2009, he was part of a merger between his company, Telereal and another company, Trillium. The merger of the two companies allowed for the creation of a regional powerhouse devoted to creating even greater and more effective deals for locals and international residents alike. Graham Edwards Telereal played an integral, vital role in the formation of the eventual company. Under these circumstances, it is no surprise that he was named to the position of the Chief Executive Officer of the newly formed company. Since that time, Edwards has focused closely on several goals that the company has in the regional markets. His work has helped the newly formed company continue to grow and expand in this regional market.