Patty Rocklage Is A Psychotherapist Who Gives Back To The Community

Patty Rocklage is a marriage & family therapist in Sudbury, Massachusetts. She has worked in the field for over 20 years helping hundreds of individuals, couple, and families work through their struggles and issues in a warm and compassionate way. Rocklage graduated from the University of Southern California in 1981 and has been working in the field of psychotherapy ever since.

Patty has engaged in philanthropic efforts throughout her career. One of the examples of this is when she and her husband, Scott, gave back to the community at the Michigan Institute of Technology. Scott had graduated from MIT in 1982 with a Ph.D. in Chemistry. When they were approached by one of the former heads of the chemistry department on the possibility of helping a need of the department the couple didn’t hesitate in writing a check. The result of their generosity was the complete renovation of the department’s nanochemistry and nanotechnology lab spaces. In order to thank Patty and Scott for their generosity, they were given a tour of the updated labs and also shown the plaque that was placed in their honor in the lab’s vestibule. They were also spoken of warmly in speeches that were given by former Department Head Moungi Bawendi and by current Department Head Timothy Jamison.

Patty Rocklage likes to recall when the couple had their entire home renovated by Sudbury Kitchen & Bath. She likes to help out other people in talking about how the experience went and how good it was to work with this particular company. Patty had been in the process of hiring various contractors in order to handle all of the different renovation projects that they felt needed to be done to the house. When she entered the Sudbury Kitchen & Bath showroom she found Ed Freelender, an employee there, who could handle all of these projects for them saving them a lot of time and money as well as having everything coordinated. They were able to get all of the issues fixed with the house which included the disconnected kitchen area, a front door that people had trouble finding, and other various problems.