Jordan Lindsey and the Financial World

Earlier this year Google announced a ban on ICO advertising. The ban will begin on June of this year. At this time Google will start banning advertisements for Contracts for Difference, rolling spot forex, financial spread betting, all binary options and all cryptocurrencies. These types of advertisements are being banned by Google and have already been banned by Facebook because they believe the advertisements for these products can be misleading and very deceptive. However, this conception is changing in society. While like in most industries, there are deceptive groups, it is an industry that is quickly growing in respectability.

Jordan Lindsey is one of the main players in this game. Lindsey was born and raised in New York. After high school, he attended and graduated from both Mount Angel Seminary and St. Joseph’s College. He then moved to San Francisco and entered the business world there. During those early years, he taught himself programming and systems architecture design. During his many successful years in the business world, he has lived in Argentina, Mexico, and Bosnia-Herzegovina. It was during his time in Bosnia that he met his future wife.

After learning programming, he set about creating cryptocurrency and algorithms. Via his programming expertise, he has successfully created algorithms that have resulted in the acquisition of huge amounts of money. Today, Lindsey works with a world-class team of professionals he personally selected. He is incredibly proud to be the leader of such a team. However, he says that he has learned to resist the urge to micromanage, that they will do better if mostly left by themselves to do their thing. For his part, he plans the strategy of the big picture while keeping an eye on what lies ahead.

He has found that the most productive days are those days which he started very early in the morning. He also ensures his own productivity by eating health and frequent exercise.

Adam Milstein’s Views On Israelis Making It In America

Ever since the modern nation of Israel was established and started becoming a force in the Middle East, there’s been a bit of a disconnection between them, established Jews in other countries and more so with any Israeli’s who’ve left their homeland. But when it comes to reconciling all of those relationships, that’s what businessman, activist and philanthropist Adam Milstein is doing through the Israeli-American Council and the Milstein Family Foundation. Milstein’s primary job is as Managing Partner of Hager Pacific Properties, but his vision is for a unified Jewish-American community, and to help people get a better understanding of what Israel’s goals are. His views are that even if people don’t agree with the ideology or actions of current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, it’s still of their best interest to recognize Israel as being right.

Adam Milstein grew up in Israel and was born shortly after the War of Independence that his father Hillel fought in after immigrating to the new nation. Adam followed in his father’s footsteps both as a soldier in the Israeli Defense forces and also in the real estate development trade. Adam Milstein also attended the Technion – Israeli Institute of Technology and then later moved to the US to complete his master’s at the University of Southern California. It was upon completing his education and cofounding Hager Pacific Properties, named for his friend David Hager that he and his wife Gila started noticing the lack of identity that some Israeli-Americans had after leaving Israel and in trying to find an identity. And hence why they started the Milstein Family Foundation and several of its allies.

Adam Milstein and his wife Gila not only support Israeli-American activist groups financially, they dedicate their own personal time to them. The Israeli-American Council as well as AIPAC host conferences on issues affecting various communities, some of which American politicians have also been involved with. But they also have programs geared towards college students such as Birthright Israel and Hasbara Fellowships. As for families specifically, Adam and Gila Milstein have a Hebrew learning program that teaches young children not only the language, but also about stories and culture for family reading and more

James Dondero: Determined To Help The Dallas Community Grow

We hear so often how success comes at the expense of others. That those who succeed can never understand the plights of those they cannot even bother to see. That they can’t spare even a moment, much less a dime, to help those still struggling to find their own success in life. However, there is someone right here in Texas that puts those claims to the lie. That to enjoy the fruits of hard work, dedication and risk taking doesn’t mean you no longer care if anyone else gets a chance.

James Dondero is the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management, one of the world’s largest and most successful investment adviser and global alternative credit manager firms in the world. His knowledge, experience and leadership has helped build Highland Capital to nearly $5 billion in assets under management. Prior to starting Highland Capital with Mark Okada, James Dondero was the CIO responsible for growing Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary from beginnning to $2 billion in less than 5 years. Mr. Dondero is an honors graduate of the University of Virginia and a dual major graduate from the McIntire School of Commerce in Accounting and Finance. He holds certificates as a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). His success is well earned and well deserved.


This success hasn’t left James hardened and aloof to helping others in need, however. James and Highland Capital have already donated millions in proceeds to non-profit and charitable organizations in the Dallas area. He is a dedicated supporter of education opportunities, veterans’ affairs and public policy initiatives. The culture he has helped foster throughout Highland has led to numerous partnerships and donations to help causes for Dallas residents.


Southern Methodist University, Education is Freedom, Snowball Express, Uplift Education, Capital for Kids and Dallas Zoo are just some of the people and organizations that have benefited for James Dondero’s efforts.


More recently, James and Highland have joined with the former president of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation and Dallas civic leader, Linda Owen, to help further Highland’s charitable programs. With over $3 million donated annually to organizations through The Dallas Foundation, James Dondero and Highland Capital are making a difference from the top to help improve the lives of those ion the community.