The Frontera Fund Revolution by Lacey and Larkin

Cases of discrimination in the circles of migrants are nothing new to our ears. It has become an everyday event to hear reports revolving around the issue. Unfortunately, we cannot do away with migration, and we are only left with the option of dealing with injustices that face migrants.

People from all walks of life have a similar objective of improving their livelihood. As a result, they have to relocate from their domicile countries to other nations to improve their life.

Sadly, their new environments are not as welcoming. They face discrimination, cruel treatment, racial attacks and related challenges. Compassionate individuals like Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin have had enough of this, and they have stood firm and made their stand on migrants known to the world.

They have sworn to help them fight their battle to the bitter end. The initiative has been catapulted further by the founding of the Frontera Fund Foundation, an institution aimed at fighting for the rights of Hispanic migrants to the United States.

Freedom comes at a price. For Lacey and Larkin to redeem the migrants from the jaws of racial discrimination, they had to pay a pretty high price. The two were media executives of Village Voice Media when they started speaking against the injustices the Hispanic migrants in Arizona were facing.

For starters, they were unprecedentedly hurled in jail for exposing the illicit misdemeanors of Arpaio, the sheriff of their coveted state, Arizona.

As is the expectations of everyone, the authority ought to be in the forefront upholding the peaceful coexistence of people in any society. However, under the reign of Arpaio, it was the complete opposite. His command was a sham.

He oversaw the fighting against the Mexican in his state, mismanaged state finances, retaliated against his criticizers, ordered the mistreatment and killing of inmates, and unconstitutionally detained Latinos.

Lacey and Larkin refused to turn a blind eye to the injustice. Through Phoenix New Times, they uncovered all the wrongs perpetrated by the sheriff and his office.

They were unmoved by the crude authority running the state, and it was time someone fought tooth and nail for a revolution. It cost them their freedom, but it did not take long before the public rallied behind them demanding for their release.

In an instance, the Frontera Fund came to force. After battling it out of court, the case culminated in favor of the duo. Lacey and Larkin were set to receive a $3.7 million settlement by Maricopa County, which presented a strong base for the establishment of the Foundation.

Presently, it is firmly focused towards fostering the rights of Hispanic migrants and the fight against the abuse of power in Arizona.

Frontera Fund Foundation promotes unity between people from all walks of life. It transcends race, and it is up to fight for the powerless people facing abuse.

It serves to uphold humanity above all else. In its eyes, all human beings are equal regardless of racial differences. The organization has prospered due to the compassion for the less fortunate ingrained in both Lacey and Larkin.