Sahm Believes Kodak’s Latest Business Efforts To Be Shady And Issues Caution To All Investors

Sahm Adrangi has gained recognition within the investment industry these days thanks to his work in various firms and his impressive accomplishment with Kerrisdale Capital. Sahm’s company, Kerrisdale Capital, invests in various companies and projects around the world, and so far they have done so to great success. Sahm Adrangi has been taking extra focus to the latest crypto and blockchain technologies that have been making their way into the market today.

Kerrisdale released a report recently on one such company that was getting involved with cryptocurrency that should most likely be avoided. This company is Kodak, which is known for their accessories and products in photography. Despite their long past and being a once major corporation, they have majorly fallen behind the competition today. With one of their latest announcements into cryptocurrency, their stock prices jumped a whopping 187 percent.

While this looks like an investors dream with the soaring prices of these stocks, Sahm Adrangi has urged investors to be wary before actually investing. Sahm believes Kodak’s stocks are just highly overvalued currently and they will likely dimish short-term. Kodak’s other subsidiaries are also in poor positions, even more so than Eastman Kodak. While there may be apparent value at the moment, Kodak is not using the Cryptocurrency and blockchain to their overall advantage, rather they are trying to employ some type of scheme.

Sahm Adrangi has also warned of Kodak’s partners since they have highly mixed backgrounds with little credibility to their names. This is also expected of cryptocurrency groups since there have been many scams since the rise of crypto. Even when scams are not present, cryptocurrency is very unstable and not worth relying on. This is something that calls into question what Kodak management is currently trying to do, which Sahm has plainly said to be a scheme. Ever since first starting up Kerrisdale Capital in 2009, Sahm has been making near-perfect decisions in the market when choosing good companies for investing, this is why Sahm’s advice is widely followed in the industry.

Alexandre Gama Had Rocked The Music Industry In Brazil

As one of the most prominent executives in Brazil, Alexandre Gama took is reputation and marketing skills into the music market. In 2014, he formed VIOLAB as an exclusive recording studio for guitar artists in Brazil. Some of the biggest names have come together to make magic happen with the supervision of Alexandre.

As an artist himself, his work has won over 23 Lions at the Cannes Festival in France. His aptitude in the marketing industry is now well known all over Europe. He had even been invited to Publicis Groupe for his business advice. His work may also be found at the Brazilian Art Museum (MAB) in Sao Paulo.

Neogama is the company that made Alex what he is, and he had created it in 1999. It is considered to be within the top 20 marketing companies in Brazil today. Alexandre Gama’s company had also earned him the Entrepreneur of the Year in the Communications Industry trophy in 2007.