Peter Briger of Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger is Fortress Investment Group’s co-chairperson. Briger has also served as the Group’s board co-chairperson from the year 2009 to date. He holds other significant positions at Fortress Investment Group and its subsidiaries. Fortress Investment Group is an investment company based in New York City in the United States. Mr. Briger’s offices are located at the company’s head office in New York. Peter Briger graduated with a bachelor’s of Arts degree from Ivy League’s Princeton University. He is also a holder of a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Pennsylvania. Fortress Investment Group is an investment manager with a global reputation. The firm’s asset base was valued at $43.6 billion at the end of the 2017 financial year. The company also boasts a significant client base. Fortress’ clients include private groups, corporate officials, and other financial institutions.

The investment company serves over 1,700 clients who come from all corners of the globe. The company offers a wide range of services including private capital investment programs and real estate development. The company has been around for a while now and has developed expertise in the provision of financial management services to Individual groups and large corporations. The management at Fortress Investment Group says that it is focusing on the development of risk-adjusted profits for their investors for a given period. According to financial performance records that were released recently, the company has over 900 employees in the Asset management department. Fortress also boasts over 210 experts in financial investment that have been spread-out to all corners of the globe. One of the areas where the company has concentrated on is the provision of asset-based services.

Fortress Investment Group offers specialized and expert advice on issues such as the management, supervision, owning, financing and pricing of both physical and financial assets.Peter Briger has had a significant contribution to the exponential growth of Fortress Investment Group. Apart from the provision of financial investment services, Peter Briger is very passionate about community service. He has always said that the best place to start the noble idea of uplifting communities is at home. He is one of the three Princeton University alumni who has set up a fund to support the institution. The support fund also has a startup and small business initiatives to help the three alumni grow their companies. The primary purpose of the support fund is to have a significant impact on the lives of the people who attend the institution.

Wesley Edens: A Look At The Co-Founder Of Fortress Investment Group

Wesley Edens is someone who is an incredibly well-reputed personality in the financial field. He stands as the leader of a company known as Fortress Investment Group which is a company that he helped form. Wes Edens, as he is more commonly referred to has worked with several companies through the course of his career, offering them his expertise and financial solutions. He has had an incredible career that has earned him many awards and the respect of people within the financial field.One of the key principles that Wes Edens believes in implementing is good business policies that work for the benefit of businesses and the clients that come to them. Having had so many experiences through the course of his career, Edens knows exactly what a company needs to be able to develop.

Using this insight, he guides the clients that come to Fortress Investment Group, granting them the tools that they need to have better asset management.Eden’s journey within the financial field began with a company known as Lehman Brothers. The company was known for being one of the top companies within the financial sector and was known for providing their asset and investment management solutions to a wide range of companies across America. Wes Edens worked hard to rise the ranks within the company and experienced a good amount of growth before he was given the role of Managing Director of the company.

This position was a result of all the hard work that Edens had put in through the course of his career, and one which he was now ready for, having gained so much from Lehman Brothers through the years.After spending a couple of years working at this position, he decided to branch out and start up his own company.Wes Edens is one of the five leading members of the management of the company, and also one of the original members who founded the company. Along with the rest of the leaders at the company, Edens aims to continue helping the overall development of Fortress Investment Group and the clients who come to them.In addition to being focused on the development of Fortress Investment Group, Wes Edens is also heavily immersed in sports. He is the proud owner of two sporting teams, one being an NBA team called the Milwaukee Bucks, and the other being a League of Legends Team called FlyQuest.

Stream Energy: Philantropy at its Best

Stream Energy is a model company when it comes down to philanthropy. Every day is a day for helping others in the community. They created Stream Cares, which is an organization that partners with other philanthropic companies to enhance the quality of life of others. Stream Energy works daily to ensure that their clients have the best deals on products and services that meet their needs as well. They offer mobile phone plans, telemedicine, and discounted energy to businesses and residential clients.

The company hires people to work as independent contractors to build genuine relationships with their customers by matching them with the products they need at a discounted price. Outside of the regular workday, Stream works to monitor homelessness and help those people in need in the case of a sudden natural disaster. For example, Hurricane Harvey was a devastating storm. It dropped more than 50 inches of rain on the Houston Texas area. Many lost their homes, pets, and even their lives. Stream Energy stepped in without a moment’s notice to help fund the recovery of the city.

One thing that Stream acknowledges is that many of the people in the area that suffer as a result of these storms are their clients. Without their clients, they would not have a business which is why it is vital for them to give back. Another event that shows how much Stream Energy cares about the people in their community is the Once in a lifetime dinner celebration.

Stream sponsored an all-expense paid dinner that included ribs, steaks, and burgers at a Texan restaurant. On the next day, they hosted the American Girl Doll Experience. It gave ten daughters of United States Veterans the opportunity to choose an American Girl doll and have lunch at the American Girl Cafe. They also provided transportation for the families who needed assistance. Stream is an organization with the quality of life of their community in mind. It has made a significant difference in the generosity rating of the state of Texas. Not to mention, it has forever enhanced the lives of those who suffer circumstances that they have no control of.

Shervin Pishevar points to dangers in U.S. lack of global competitiveness

While free trade is never supposed to be a zero-sum game, in a globalized world, there will always be winners and losers. Those who have the most to lose are the advanced countries that cannot keep pace with the changes in fundamental productivity seen by their leaner and hungrier developing-world counterparts.

Shervin Pishevar is one of the most accomplished entrepreneurs and venture capitalists in Silicon Valley. In a recent 21-hour tweet storm, he expounded on a number of pressing issues that are currently confronting the United States. One of the topics on which he held forth was the problems that an uncompetitive America will soon be facing in a globalized world.

Shervin Pishevar believes that the globalization of most industries is inevitable. This means that the United States will eventually be forced to trim the layers of fat that its clunky and corrupt political system has wrought throughout the land. As an example, Shervin Pishevar points to a train station that was built recently in China. The station serves a medium-sized city and will be able to handle hundreds of arrivals and departures each day. The entire train station, according to Shervin Pishevar, was completed in just nine days.

Such an incredible rate of construction is completely unthinkable in the United States. Projects like Boston’s Big Dig have made the U.S. notorious as a place where cost overruns and deadline misses are just a part of the public infrastructure landscape. But Pishevar warns that simply identifying that the problem exists will soon prove to be insufficient. That’s because train stations and other public works projects continue to bring China closer to and, in some cases, exceeding the productivity of the U.S. When China can produce steel at half the cost of American steel mills, hundreds of thousands of jobs and billions of dollars are in peril of being lost.

Pishevar believes that the United States will soon be facing a crisis of its political system. It will need to refine and reconstruct the systems that govern how it does business. Pishevar believes that many regulations will become untenable and government agencies may have to radically downsize.

Jed McCaleb Predicts the Future of Stellar and other Blockchain Companies

Jed McCaleb’s first big contribution to the programming world was eDonkey’s downloading protocol. Version’s of Jed McCaleb’s original system is still used in peer to peer downloading to this day. Next came Mt. Gox, a trading platform for gamers that evolved into the first worldwide bitcoin exchange system. He has leaped further into the blockchain world with Stellar, his newest creation.


Stellar is a blockchain company that has already made deals all over Asia and Europe. They are even partnered with one of the biggest computer manufacturers in history, IBM. Companies and institutions that are partnered with Stellar enjoy a variety of benefits. They can conduct international payments much cheaper and faster than any other method available in today. Clients are also happy to know that the system is completely secure due to the methods employed by blockchain. Records are held on thousands of devices instead of a single device like other banking systems.


Jed McCaleb is involved in Stellar because he believes blockchain is the future of banking. A sentiment he shared with the public in an interview with CNBC. “In the future,” he began. “I think it’s pretty clear to me there will be a universal payments network that will operate.”


This should come as no surprise when you consider how hard Stellar has been working on their global expansions. Stellar lists 45 clients and partners from all over the world on its official website. The clientele of Stellar consists of names like Telindus, Anglo African, Poseidon, Hijro, and Factury. These are the companies that Stellar is working with to supply banking needs all over the world.


Jed McCaleb also expressed his belief that even stocks will one day be traded on a blockchain network. One company, Securrency, is already making moves in that direction. Securrency allows investors to pay for stocks via bitcoin.

Sahm Believes Kodak’s Latest Business Efforts To Be Shady And Issues Caution To All Investors

Sahm Adrangi has gained recognition within the investment industry these days thanks to his work in various firms and his impressive accomplishment with Kerrisdale Capital. Sahm’s company, Kerrisdale Capital, invests in various companies and projects around the world, and so far they have done so to great success. Sahm Adrangi has been taking extra focus to the latest crypto and blockchain technologies that have been making their way into the market today.

Kerrisdale released a report recently on one such company that was getting involved with cryptocurrency that should most likely be avoided. This company is Kodak, which is known for their accessories and products in photography. Despite their long past and being a once major corporation, they have majorly fallen behind the competition today. With one of their latest announcements into cryptocurrency, their stock prices jumped a whopping 187 percent.

While this looks like an investors dream with the soaring prices of these stocks, Sahm Adrangi has urged investors to be wary before actually investing. Sahm believes Kodak’s stocks are just highly overvalued currently and they will likely dimish short-term. Kodak’s other subsidiaries are also in poor positions, even more so than Eastman Kodak. While there may be apparent value at the moment, Kodak is not using the Cryptocurrency and blockchain to their overall advantage, rather they are trying to employ some type of scheme.

Sahm Adrangi has also warned of Kodak’s partners since they have highly mixed backgrounds with little credibility to their names. This is also expected of cryptocurrency groups since there have been many scams since the rise of crypto. Even when scams are not present, cryptocurrency is very unstable and not worth relying on. This is something that calls into question what Kodak management is currently trying to do, which Sahm has plainly said to be a scheme. Ever since first starting up Kerrisdale Capital in 2009, Sahm has been making near-perfect decisions in the market when choosing good companies for investing, this is why Sahm’s advice is widely followed in the industry.

Jordan Lindsey and the Financial World

Earlier this year Google announced a ban on ICO advertising. The ban will begin on June of this year. At this time Google will start banning advertisements for Contracts for Difference, rolling spot forex, financial spread betting, all binary options and all cryptocurrencies. These types of advertisements are being banned by Google and have already been banned by Facebook because they believe the advertisements for these products can be misleading and very deceptive. However, this conception is changing in society. While like in most industries, there are deceptive groups, it is an industry that is quickly growing in respectability.

Jordan Lindsey is one of the main players in this game. Lindsey was born and raised in New York. After high school, he attended and graduated from both Mount Angel Seminary and St. Joseph’s College. He then moved to San Francisco and entered the business world there. During those early years, he taught himself programming and systems architecture design. During his many successful years in the business world, he has lived in Argentina, Mexico, and Bosnia-Herzegovina. It was during his time in Bosnia that he met his future wife.

After learning programming, he set about creating cryptocurrency and algorithms. Via his programming expertise, he has successfully created algorithms that have resulted in the acquisition of huge amounts of money. Today, Lindsey works with a world-class team of professionals he personally selected. He is incredibly proud to be the leader of such a team. However, he says that he has learned to resist the urge to micromanage, that they will do better if mostly left by themselves to do their thing. For his part, he plans the strategy of the big picture while keeping an eye on what lies ahead.

He has found that the most productive days are those days which he started very early in the morning. He also ensures his own productivity by eating health and frequent exercise.

A Lesson Learned From George

Putting The Power Of Inspiration Into Your Hands

For many, life is a constant sway between up and downs and often not much in between. This makes the power of inspiration a great “commodity.” Everyone is also looking for it. We have fulfillment only to be unfulfilled the next day. Because of this, stories like those of George Soros help people to realize the potential in their own hands and more information click here.

Living everything you desire is a challenge.

But nothing is impossible and why figures like George Soros have broken so many barriers.

We see his success and as founded by the work of a professional investor by today’s standards. He’s unmatched and even up to this day. This success started in the lowliest places however and more so than you expect. Though we hail George for the outstanding success he has, he has also had a long road to walk and had to live many failures and what George Soros knows.

The Reasons George Soros Cares So Much

But the success Mr. Soros scaled never led him to forget about the world or himself.

And it’s clear that with billions of dollars to your name, forgetting about the world would be very easy to do. In fact, you could likely buy large portions of the world and dictate as much as you wanted in it. But Mr. Soros never walked that path. Mr. Soros’ path is one that directs the heart to care and consideration in most cases and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

Needless to say, the wealth which Soros created for himself only gave way to George leading a life of outstanding philanthropy. This is a legacy associated with the name of George Soros, and it will be for the rest of his life and Follow his Twitter.

But the reason George cares so substantially is because his own story is one of “rags to riches.” He wasn’t born rich. The price he paid to secure his own life success is the price he also knows others must pay to do likewise. This, this is the foundation of why George is involved and hopes to influence the world in impacting ways and read full article.

Having The Money Also Makes A Difference

But, let’s not get carried with idealism and moral character.

It’s true.

The difference that George makes in the world is also a result of the money he has. Being a billionaire allows George Soros to leverage his ideas and ideals in ways that we could never do.

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Sterling Packing realizes Growth Equity Facility arranged by Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital, an international investment banking company exclusively acted as the financial advisor to Sterling Packaging. It helped Sterling Packaging arrange an equity growth investment. Sterling Packaging is based in Selkirk, Manitoba and has expanded its operations into Monroeville, Alabama. It manufactures folding cartons serving customers across the U.S. and Canada. Druid Capital Partners provided the equity facility, and the transaction was announced on 31st July 2017 by Madison Street Capital CEO, Charles Botchway. Jay Rodgers, the current Madison Street Capital senior managing director, led the transaction.

According to Jay Rodgers, the Sterling Packaging team led by its able founders Debbie Hickson and Jim has done an outstanding work of creating a scale business with superior product offering. The broad customer base of Sterling Packaging is expected to profit from the new development solutions that are expected to culminate on an accelerated timeline following the new financial backing by Druid Capital Partners. The senior managing director added that Madison Street Capital is happy to have helped bring the two parties together. Learn more:

According to a managing partner with Druid Capital, Martin Holt, the company is excited to be partners with Hicksons. He complemented Debbie and Jim saying that they are beyond doubt hardworking entrepreneurs who have succeeded in instilling strong value systems in their children and company as evident from the roles of leadership held by Colin and Kelly. He added that his company is looking forward to a good working relationship and appreciated the role played by Madison Street Capital in connecting Sterling and Druid and helping them with the transaction. 

More about Madison Street Capital

It is an international investment banking company dedicated to excellence, integrity, leadership, and service in providing financial advisory services to corporates, financial opinions, merger, and acquisition expertise as well as valuation services to privately and publicly held businesses. The services provided by Madison Street Capital helps its clients thrive in the international marketplace. When undertaking new projects, Madison Street Capital reputation has been enhanced by making the objectives and goals of the clients its own. Learn more:

The firm views up-and-coming markets as the hub element driving the growth of its clients globally. Madison Street Capital pledges to continue focusing considerable assets on emerging markets. The company has earned trust from clients across the world through its unwavering commitment to the some of the highest professional standards levels. It has vast experience, extensive relationships, and knowledge to match sellers to active buyers not to mention the capacity to match the suitable capitalization and financing structure to unique client situations. Learn more:

The Multifaceted And Successful Career Of Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar has a successful career as an entrepreneur and a man of business. He is in the field of real estate although he has had companies specializing in entertainment and banking. After working in finances for twenty years he created TDL Global Ventures so he could provide individuals needing home loans with some relief. Todd Lubar keeps himself busy with his children, exercising, and his business. One of the reasons he has been so successful is because he knows how to prioritize. He is interested in remote technology and likes the idea of controlling everything from his security system to ceiling fans simply by touching a button on his phone.

According to Patch, Todd Lubar learned the true value of money when he while he was in high school. He went to work at a local grocery store and quickly decided this was not the business for him. He believes in honest, hard work. He never loses sight of what he wants in the future and understands the significance of being willing to work to make his dreams a reality. His business has grown because he establishes an environment of communication, honesty and trust. He has the ability to switch strategies quickly. If something is not working he is willing to start over and try something else.

Todd Lubar linked his career with real estate in 1995. His passion for the business made him decide this was the right career for his needs. He worked for several companies and began to develop relationships with individuals critical to the industry. This eventually developed into a foundation of contacts that became an amazing opportunity for a referral business.

Todd Lubar has been involved with demolition, recycling scrap metal, and public trading. He has used every experience he has gained to further his career. He resides in Maryland with his two kids in a charming town called Bethesda. He spends time with his children whenever possible and enjoys traveling, most especially to Orange County, California. He wants to keep improving himself, his life, and the lives of his kids. Todd believes adding value to the lives of those around him is a worthy goal.

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