The Incredible Career Path of Drew Madden

Drew Madden is a name well-known for his great achievements in his life. He is among one of the Managing Partners at Evergreen Healthcare Partners. The company is dedicated to the provision of healthcare IT services that bring the healthcare IT experience to their customers. The other company’s Managing Partners include Aaron Friedman, Rebecca Bottorff, and Jeff Leach. Evergreen HealthCare provides high-quality digital records systems. Drew has the required leadership skills, experience, and education that set him apart from everyone else in the industry.

Drew Madden had a rich educational background having attended the University of Lowa in 1998. He graduated in 2002 with a BSE, Industrial Engineering. Excellent education is an added advantage in Drew Madden’s life, and it makes him a valuable resource in any company. Madden was also the Student Advisor the entire time he was in school. The post in school exposed Drew to leadership skills from an early time in his life. Drew Maiden started to pursue his career by joining his first company at Cerner Corporation. He held a position as the Integration Consultant for four years. In 2006, Drew joined the Healthia Consulting as the Senior Epic Consultant. He worked at the company for five years. Healthia Consulting was involved in providing healthcare services particularly hospital systems applications.

In 2009, Drew Madden was promoted to the Regional Sales Director of Ingenix Consulting. Healthia had changed its name to Ingenix Consulting. In 2010, Drew left the former company and joined Nordic Consulting Partners, Inc. He held the Executive Vice President of the company for about seven months. Drew was later promoted to the President position in June 2011. He was in charge of recruitment processes, consulting operations and business development of Nordic Consulting Partners. He worked for Nordic for four years and joined Evergreen Healthcare Partners. All through Drew’s lifetime, he has been gaining the experience with adequate information enough to run a company. Drew Madden has expertise as well having worked with other organizations dealing with systems application of the hospital. Together with the other Managing Partners, they have led Evergreen Healthcare Partners to success.