Fantasy Football Rankings: More Than Meets the Eye

Martavis Bryantt has proven to be an interesting player in the realm of fantasy football. His fantasy football rankings remain rather low due to continuous suspensions. However, it is important to note that Martavis Bryantt has performed exceptionally well in the few games that he has played. With a slight increase in his stats across the board Martinis Bryantt may well find himself with increased fantasy football rankings. It has been argued that he may even reach the stats of a WR1 player. Yet it has been argued that his ascension to a WR1 player could be dependent upon whether Ben Roethlisberger remains healthy. Fantasy football rankings require extensive analysis of play performance. The group known as The Fantasy Footballers tend to be experts on fantasy football rankings. Their podcast conducts in depth analysis of top players and how the players performance on the field affects their fantasy football rankings.