Secrets behind the Success Jacob Gottlieb Attained In His Career

The title ‘entrepreneur’ is not for the faint-hearted. This is because being innovative and courageous to try out new ventures is a quality every entrepreneur must have. Although many people get into entrepreneurship, few can achieve recognizable success. Jacob Gottlieb is an example of an entrepreneur who has managed to excel in the financial industry. Jacob is the person behind Balyasny Asset Management, a company he founded in 2001. In 2005, he started Visium Asset Management, which his current business.

Determination and hard work are important in any business, but they are not a substitute for training. Jacob first studied a degree in economics at Brown University. He later joined School of Medicine in New York, where he completed his medical internship, and also earned his MD. His investment firm deals with healthcare organizations, a factor that complements his training as a doctor.

Jacob Gottlieb interest in medicine and economics started when he was young. Jacob was brought up in Brooklyn, New York. His parents had migrated from Poland. His mother joined the medical profession and became a trained pediatrician. His father was a competent economics teacher. His parents inspired him to pursue a career in these two fields. Jacob says that the two fields have similar skills. Both traders and medical doctors take risks, and they both must learn how to manage risks. They also must have good planning skills and research well.

Jacob did not start his career as an entrepreneur. He has served in two financial firms as a portfolio manager and a buy-side researcher. He is a philanthropist who cares about the needs of other people. Jacob knows helping other people comes with a great reward. This is evident from the financial support he has accorded to several charities. One of the charities is the Math for America. The charity helps math and science teachers to not only train, but also enjoy teaching as a profession.