Stream Energy: Philantropy at its Best

Stream Energy is a model company when it comes down to philanthropy. Every day is a day for helping others in the community. They created Stream Cares, which is an organization that partners with other philanthropic companies to enhance the quality of life of others. Stream Energy works daily to ensure that their clients have the best deals on products and services that meet their needs as well. They offer mobile phone plans, telemedicine, and discounted energy to businesses and residential clients.

The company hires people to work as independent contractors to build genuine relationships with their customers by matching them with the products they need at a discounted price. Outside of the regular workday, Stream works to monitor homelessness and help those people in need in the case of a sudden natural disaster. For example, Hurricane Harvey was a devastating storm. It dropped more than 50 inches of rain on the Houston Texas area. Many lost their homes, pets, and even their lives. Stream Energy stepped in without a moment’s notice to help fund the recovery of the city.

One thing that Stream acknowledges is that many of the people in the area that suffer as a result of these storms are their clients. Without their clients, they would not have a business which is why it is vital for them to give back. Another event that shows how much Stream Energy cares about the people in their community is the Once in a lifetime dinner celebration.

Stream sponsored an all-expense paid dinner that included ribs, steaks, and burgers at a Texan restaurant. On the next day, they hosted the American Girl Doll Experience. It gave ten daughters of United States Veterans the opportunity to choose an American Girl doll and have lunch at the American Girl Cafe. They also provided transportation for the families who needed assistance. Stream is an organization with the quality of life of their community in mind. It has made a significant difference in the generosity rating of the state of Texas. Not to mention, it has forever enhanced the lives of those who suffer circumstances that they have no control of.

The Incredible and ongoing success of Talos Energy

It has been quite some time since any private company has sunk an oil well in Mexican waters. However, it is now the time that energy companies are finally drilling in Mexican waters. This new advancement is sure to influence the global energy markets. This will be opening a new door too many companies in the future who have their sights on global development.

Talos energy is one of the major shareholders in this new Mexican oil well. Talos energy stands out above many other energy companies due to their equity from private backers and their amazing corporate team. With more than 16,000 barrels of oil being produced each day by Talos Energy in the Mexican Gulf. With field operators bringing the employee count to 120 employees, Talos Energy is really focusing on how they treat their employees. During their time of growth, Talos Energy is not among the leaders for employee compensation. However, as they grow, they are more than willing to grow their employees’ compensation.

The entrepreneurial spirit at Talos Energy attracts those who have the will to go above and beyond to help this Energy company succeed. These self-motivated individuals understand what it takes to really take a business to the next level. They are willing to grow with the company and be compensated for this later in the process. The future looks very bright for this energy company with their new venture into the global energy market.

Talos Energy continues to find success in their endeavors on a regular basis. With the ability of all employees to work as a team, the future looks very bright for this budding energy company. It will only be a matter of time before this company has a major hand in the greater global energy market. It will be very exciting to see where Talos is headed in the next few years.

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Obsidian Energy Leaders in Energy

Obsidian Energy, is natural gas and oil production company located in Calgary, Alberta. They were formerly the Penn West Petroleum Ltd and changed their name in 2017. They provide services to residents of Canada and have developments throughout the country. They have assets in Alberta, Cardium, Deep Basin and Alberta Viking. They have built a waterflood platform in Cardium and extract oil and gas from Alberta Viking. They drill and extract reserves from the Deep Basin and manufacture crude oil at the Peace River location.


Obsidian has an impressive team of leaders that consist of David L. French the company’s President and CFO. He began working at Obsidian Energy in 2016 and is an expert in energy development. He has worked for Bankers Petroleum Ltd as the president and CEO and the Apache Corporation as the regional production manager. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Rice University in mechanical engineering and received his master’s from Harvard Business School. David Hendry is the chief financial officer and was the vice president at Talisman Energy before joining Obsidian Energy. Tony Berthelet is the vice president of development and operations. He has held executive positions for Taqa North, Apache Canada, Nexen and Schlumberger and has over 19 years of expertise in the energy industry.


Furthermore, Mark Hodgson is the vice president of business development and commercial and worked at Tristone Capital. He has worked for Group One and his experience spans over 16 years in the energy and investment industries. He attended the Wharton School and earned his undergraduate degree in finance. Andrew Sweerts is the vice president of production and technical services and has worked for Western Oil Sands LP. He also worked for Suncor Energy and has over 25 years of experience. He attended the University of Waterloo and received his bachelor’s in chemical engineering and Wilfred Laurier University where he obtained his master’s in business administration.


Obsidian Energy is an exceptional oil and gas company and will continue to grow. They have a considerable amount of assets and exceptional executives that will maintain its stability.


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Talos Opens New Well, Continues Growth

In the Mexican waters of Tabasco, something new is brewing. It’s an oil well that hasn’t been allowed for nearly 80 years in the country. The only reason it’s being allowed to be operated by foreign companies now is that their economy has failed to bring the kind of profits back to the people that they had planned. Since Pemex was the only game in town for too long, a monopoly had begun to form and the resources to invest in innovation were dwindling.

That all changed in 2015 when the leaders of Mexico decided to allow bidding on a new oil rig off the coast that was just sunk recently. Experts in the oil and gas field have been following the story closely. Analysts are predicting that the operation will be a success, bringing anywhere from 100 to 500 million barrels of oil to life in its lifetime. The three companies are quite special that are running it as well. Talos Energy, Premier Oil, and Sierra Oil and Gas are the winners. Talos is from Houston, Premier is out of London, and Sierra is home grown in Mexico.

The three firms are said to be working together closely to ensure all proper safety measures are being accounted for. The firms will split the proceeds almost evenly, with Sierra getting a little more than the others and supporting the tax base in Mexico, as part of the deal the three companies struck up.

Talos Energy is a dynamic and growing company out of Houston, TX. Two hedge fund managers put their minds together and used their innovative techniques for offering returns to investors by putting a large sum of $600 million in equity backed funding to start the company. It has since seen wild success, acquiring a Helix subsidiary and spending $620 million in the process. That paid off, as they now enjoy almost $500 million in yearly revenues.

The company says they reinvest these revenues into their people. They use profit sharing and a range of other perks. This makes the office a fun place to be, not to mention financially stable.

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