Funny, Adorable Beneful Commercials

Sometimes commercials do more than just highlight a product, sometimes they make you smile, or even laugh, that is the case with the funny, cute Beneful commercial with the talking dog. There are actually more than one that feature dogs that talk, they are for different products in the line, but they are all equally amusing.

The little dog talking about the grain-free Beneful is laugh-out-loud funny. The voice seems like it would belong to the little dog in the commercial, it’s perfect for him. A grain-free product is also something worth hearing about.

The commercial featuring Einstein is also super cute. When he says ‘The beef is fantastic’,as he’s gulping down his food, it’s adorable, and the tie he wore for his interview, just seems to fit Einstein’s personality, perfectly. Each of the Beneful commercials featuring the different, talking dogs is sweet, and fun, you don’t even feel like you’re watching a commercial.