NGP VAN is Changing the Election Landscape

Campaign re-election is growing trend in the world of technology. For a person running a campaign platform, to ignore current digital media trends is political suicide. Grassroots campaigns that put feet on the ground are no longer the necessity that they used to be; in fact, these grassroots movements could be detrimental to the campaign as a whole. There is a need to evolve with technology, and deciding to perform re-election campaigns using the same tired methods as the previous candidate is a sure-fire way to lose an election in the modern digital age of media. A great example of this would be the work that NGP Van is doing with the democratic party (especially as part of Barack Obama’s campaign.)

When Obama ran his first and second term, his election team quickly realized that they needed to adapt to current technology trends. Mitt Romney started using ORCA — a set of technological tools that eventually ended up hurting the Romney campaign — so Obama’s had to find a suitable counterpart. That counterpart was NPG VAN, which after a period of testing launched Pollwatcher a campaign mobile app. Over the course of the election, NPG VAN was responsible for most of the technological campaign tracking and measuring tools utilized by the Obama administration. The tools were, and still are, a powerful ally for the Democrats who utilize them.



NPG VAN has been finding broad success on the campaign trail. The company recently acquired Hustle — a San Francisco startup — which allows users to use peer-to-peer messaging. Hustle was a major tool utilized by the Obama campaign during the election, and today is a powerful engine for Democratic re-election.


That wasn’t the only start-up that NPG Van acquired during this time. SpeakEasy Political — a direct to mail startup — was acquired a year earlier. SpeakEasy targets voters and supports and pushes data that is already integrated into the NPG VAN database to target direct-to-mail consumers more easily.


Through the use of these tools, and others, the Democratic party is looking like it has a leg up on the Republican party on the digital front. The digital front is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful campaigning tools of the modern age. With consistent effort put forward into digital campaigning, it is a growing platform with powerful voter potential.facebook