ClassDojo: Transforming Communication Between Classroom and Home

Whether you are a parent or a teacher, ClassDojo helps build a connection between home and family that is easy, at your fingertips, and convenient in so many ways. Creating a two-wau communication from classroom to home as quickly as possible allows for a smoother school year for all involved; teacher, parent, and student. ClassDojo creates a virtual relationship between a student, parent and the teacher that will prove quite critical as the year progresses.

ClassDojo is an application for the classroom. It can be logged in through a computer or the app can be downloaded onto a smartphone or tablet. The sign up process is simple, too. Each child is provided with an individual code that the parent uses to login and connect to their child’s classroom. Teachers and parents are able to send private messages to each other. Parents can send message to the teacher asking question, providing an update, or instantly voicing a concern in a timely manner. Teachers can instantly respond, share updates, and share photos to parents.

Sometimes the classroom is in the midst of an exciting learning experience, and the teacher may want to share a photo and update to the classroom story. Updates of what is occurring in the classroom keeps parents in the loop, students accountable, and the teacher is able to answer questions or concerns in a timely manner versus days or weeks down the road.

In this tech-savvy society we live in, ClassDojo is a tremendous addition to the education world. See real time learning. Learn about what is occurring in the classroom or put a parent’s mind at ease over a concern all with a few clicks of a keyboard or phone screen. This app has transformed the way the classroom communicates with the home.