What is Class Dojo?

Class Dojo is a popular classroom management app that is used in classrooms worldwide. It was developed by two co-founders Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary who spent countless hours testing the app and getting feedback from classroom teachers. In fact, 20% of the team involved in building the app is made up of active classroom teachers.

When researching and developing the app, the team made sure to focus on discovering and solving problems the teachers had, rather than guessing at what problems a teacher might have. By asking teachers what their most pressing problems were and how they could be solved, these two young entrepreneurs developed a comprehensive classroom management program that has revolutionized the way classrooms operate.

Class Dojo was designed to help teachers, students, and parents communicate with one another. Many of the teachers that gave initial feedback with the app expressed that they were frustrated with the endless parade of notes they sent home, only to discover that these notes often ended up being discovered at the bottom of messy backpacks or desks at the end of the year, never having made it all the way home. Classroom Dojo revolutionizes the way teachers parents, and students communicate with one another by opening up a more diverse, secure method of communication.

Class Dojo offers a wide variety of communication methods. Students. teachers. and parents are connected through their accounts, either online or on the app. They can send videos, notes, pictures, and other media through class stories or messages. Direct messages allow everyone to communicate directly, and class stories offer an overall picture of the day to activities in the classroom. The app is customizable, which is why it has been translated to over 35 different classrooms and is used in 90% of US elementary and middle schools, and more than 180 countries around the world.

ClassDojo Has Plans To Bring Mindfulness And De-Stressing Lessons To Its Platform

ClassDojo has been at work trying to change how young students think when it comes to participating in class. When it was first started, the ClassDojo founders and a team from Stanford University had mindset growth videos produced, but now they’re working on “mindfulness” lessons. These lessons encourage students to take a little time to stop and listen and not become stressed about their challenges. ClassDojo has become a major social media and learning platform for classrooms all over the country.


The founders of ClassDojo are two graduate students from the UK named Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. They were app developers who decided to do something more than just make an app for profit. They wanted it to be something that could change things in a great area of need, and they soon thought of education and how classroom activities could be made better. Their app, ClassDojo started as a behavior reward app, but after seeing how Facebook and Instagram worked, they decided to follow a similar model that could keep parents in the classroom.


ClassDojo has parents and teachers constantly talking to each other and has allowed many schools to do away with parent-teacher meetings because of this. ClassDojo is completely free both to use the features and watch the student mindset growth videos, but there are plans in the works to bring about optional pay content that may also include textbooks. Administrators can be involved but teachers don’t have to have their approval to download the app.


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Shinning at home; Jennifer Walden on medicine, motherhood and moving back home

The phrase beauty and brains was coined because this was seen by many as a rare combination. The ones that pursued education with a lot of passion were thought to be not so great in the social skills. However, this is a stereotype that has time and again been proven wrong. One Doctor who is aiming at the glass ceiling when it comes to getting the best of both worlds ins Jennifer Walden. This year, she was named by Harper’s Bazaar as one of the 24 best surgeons in the country.

After completing her medical school, Jennifer knew that she wanted to get into cosmetic surgery. She got into training with the best surgeons in New York. After completing the training and mentorship, she put up her own clinic in Manhattan. Then, she decided that she wanted to fulfill a dream she had harbored for a while, that of becoming a mother. After her children were born, she realized that the best environment to bring them up in.

She then moved back to Texas and started her own practice in Austin. It did not take a long time for the people in the area to find out what a good Doctor she is because she made a reputation and her practice became very popular within a short period of time. Besides being an excellent surgeon, Walden is also a great leader. She has been on the American Board of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery for many years now and is the only woman to have made it there. She is also a friend of the media and has offered several interviews to the media houses about her beliefs and her practice.

Besides her two lovely children, Jennifer Walden has siblings who are very successful in their various fields. It has been a common misconception that when a woman becomes successful academically, she changes into a tough and unfriendly boss. Jennifer is the opposite of these stereotypes. Her character and the way she is grounded is probably because of the sound upbrining she got from her parents and also her charismatic personality.

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