Glen Wakeman is a business owner and mentor to many

Glen Wakeman, professional entrepreneur and mentor has helped countless people get their businesses up and running. He does this with LaunchPad Holdings LLC, the company he founded. It utilizes the ease of technology to help budding entrepreneurs to turn their business ideas into a plausible plan that makes starting a whole lot easier. LaunchPad Holdings LLC, also provides a long list of resources and information that every future company owner needs to know.

Each day Mr. Wakeman starts his day bright and early checking his company sales numbers each day to have a precise idea of what is going on. Glen then proceeds to take care of the day’s responsibilities including meeting with associates, doing research, and dividing tasks between his peers and associates. Glen Wakeman uses his nature sense of curiosity to solve problems and understand them. It also gives him an edge by not giving up on challenges and takes the time and energy needed to figure things out. The successful businessman also founded and is CEO of Nova Four that also helps new businesses move their plans forward faster than they would by themselves. Mr. Wakeman is known as a mentor and has created a system to help businesses flourish. It is proven and focuses on 5 points of performance to change them to run way more efficiently and smoothly. These points of performance to be changed for the better are leadership, risk management, governance, execution, and human capital. When looking deeply at these factors businesses their potential of succeeding skyrockets.

Glen has also worked for big companies flexing his talent and skills to work his way up the corporate ladder. Mr. Wakeman worked at GE Capital for over two decades making a fantastic role model and leader. His expertise and leadership was much appreciated and his last role there was at Chief Executive Officer of GE Money Latin America. His outstanding performance showed as he exceeded all expectations and goals. With that being said he was ready to start a new business LaunchPad Holding LLC, which is a great product for entrepreneurs. Glen continues to work hard helping other succeed at their dreams.

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