Mike Baur and the role of his Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur is a Swiss professional who runs the Swiss Startup Factory. He uses his knowledge in business matters to help beginners grow their startup businesses. Through his guidance, many businesses have been able to grow successfully and are running very efficiently. Before starting the Swiss Startup Factory, Mike served in the Swiss banking sector for over two decades. His role in the banking sector was that of a financial advisor. He advised the banks he was working under as well as business organizations and individuals who sought his advice. Mike was one of the greatest financial advisers at a very young age, which is something that amazed many who were serving in the banking sector back then. Also following his assistance many businesses were able to make sound financial decisions.



After a long time working with the banking sector, Mike found it prudent to quit and start his own company in line with his career, a company that would see other companies grow. From his experience working in the banking sector, he came in touch with the reality that many startup companies were facing hard times trying to get their operations in order. Most were going through hard times trying to expand their reach to the clientele. It is for this reason that, Mike being well hearted found it important to assist these start-ups handle the initial stages of their operations. His experience advising big business players saw him gain confidence among the business people and relied on him for advice.



To make it more efficient to handle the issue of startup, Mike Baur decided to start his own company that would enable him to exercise his authority with no restrictions. It is for this reason that in 2014 he quit the banking sector and together with two other partners started the Swiss Startup Factory. SSUF was aimed at providing mentorship to the numerous nascent entrepreneurs who lacked the necessary knowledge on business management despite having ideas that are of big impact to the society. The Swiss Startup Factory runs an accelerator program that admits entrepreneurs twice a year to mentor them on business management layout as well as advising them on how to create a market for the products and services as well as the financial sources to grow their ideas. SSUF also offer startups office space to hatch their ideas before moving out to setup their businesses. Mike Baur’s role is commendable and has transformed the growth of startup companies in Switzerland.

OSI Group’s Recent Acquisitions

OSI Group is an Aurora-based packed-food processing company which was started in 1909 by a German immigrant by the name Otto Kolschowsky.

Initially, it was a family meat-processing market, but it has since expanded to become one of the best food processing companies in the world. OSI group has made some purchases over the recent past, therefore, broadening their presence in the world. Some of the notable acquisitions that OSI group has made includes: Baho Food, Tyson Foods Plant, and Flagship Europe.

Baho Food
Baho Food is a Dutch manufacturer of snacks, deli meat, and convenience foods. In trying to broaden their presence in Europe, OSI Group purchased the company though the financial terms of that transaction were not disclosed. With Baho as part of the OSI Group, the processing strength was boosted, and the capabilities of serving their customers’ needs improved. Baho Food has several processing plants based both in Netherlands and Germany and it serves customers across 18 European countries.

Tyson Foods Plant
This processing plant is based in Chicago and was purchased by OSI Group for $7.4 million. With this processing plant, the capabilities of meeting the evolving needs of customers have been enhanced. Before being purchased by OSI Group, Tyson Foods used to prepare meals for the hospitality industry. These meals included Chicken Cordon, sauces, soups, omelets, crepes, meatballs and tempura chicken.

Flagship Europe
Flagship Europe is a supplying company that operates across the United Kingdom with it main supplies being sauces and frozen poultry. After being purchased by OSI Group, the company broadened their supply to include dips, mayonnaise, marinades and sandwich fillings. This acquisition was a welcome idea since it has boosted the progressive development of the company.