Calling All Unicorns: Lime Crime’s Hot New Hair Colors

Moonchild, Cloud, Kawaii, Mint Ice, Tweet… No these aren’t new names for celebrities’ children! These are some of the hot and fabulous new hair colors from Lime Crime, a trend-setting and chic makeup brand. Why be stuck in a boring routine? Have fun with your hair color and play up your personality!

This hair care line is called Unicorn Hair, and it is synonymous with self-expression and freedom in fashion! Lime Crime doesn’t disappoint with its 8 amazing new colors. These shades are unique and offer full coverage options that will get you noticed! Never be a wallflower again!

Cloud is a beautiful light blue tint, while Bubblegum Rose is a full-coverage shade of bright pink bubble gum. Don’t forget Tweet, a sweet yellow tint that can even be used as a touch-up for blondes.

Going out with friends and want to stand out? Try the Kawaii shade, a gorgeous pastel violet that makes green eyes pop. A more subtle purple hue is Moonchild which features lavender tones.

There are so many options: Use one overall color or just paint a few streaks of a beautiful shade like Mint Ice, a frosted and more subtle tint. Mix and match shades to find the best look for you, and enjoy the damage-free, temporary freedom that the Unicorn Hair line provides.

Lime Crime is an exciting brand, full of products for today’s fashion enthusiasts to enjoy. We all have unique personalities, so let them shine! What a fun way to express yourself and have fun with a new hair color, and you can even cover those stubborn grey hairs!

The Unicorn Colors are always cruelty-free to animals and there are over 21 different colors to choose from. Women and men of all ages are rocking these new trendy colors, and looking and feeling gorgeous! It’s your turn to get creative and get noticed!