Onelogin Prefers Application of Biometrics in Authentication

Passwords have been used for decades to secure the access to company data. The password is however no longer the most secure method of protecting valuable information because of the continuous data breach that is common in the modern world. Hackers breaching into computer systems and posting lists of usernames and passwords on the internet is common. Security professionals have responded to the acts of breaching by developing more secure methods for keeping important and valuable information safer. The biometric authentication method is currently the best method of keeping data.

Biometrics are two main categories, physiological and behavioral biometrics. Physiological biometrics includes the voice, fingerprints, facial and iris pattern recognition, and the heartbeat. Behavioral biometrics, on the other hand, includes factors like left or right handedness, keystrokes dynamics, and hand tremor.

Behavioral biometrics do not have instant uniqueness characteristics like physiological techniques. The factors are therefore not ideal for a single form of authentication and therefore the approach is best used alongside other data including physiological biometrics as well as device data such as hardware attributes. Security professionals are therefore charged with the responsibility of finding the perfect combination of both physiological and behavioral biometrics and password authentication to be used by their respective companies in the overall identification and access to the management strategy.

The Google market has designed Project Abacus with which uses both physiological and behavioral biometrics that reduces the use of passwords but does not eliminate it. It has been tested in academic setups and has been proved to be effective. The biometrics identification is faced with some challenges. Biometric readers are expensive and therefore not all the companies can afford the costs of providing the biometric readers. The types of biometric combination to be used by companies for authentication should also be picked properly. Developers are required to make the biometric authentication method easier to use and deploy. Both the physiological and the behavioral biometrics should be combined with passwords for authentication purposes.

Onelogin is a cloud identity as well as an access management solutions company. The company was founded in 2010 and has its headquarters in San Francisco. Onelogin operates in more than 44 countries and serves more than 2000 organizations.