Cancer Treatment Centers of America And its Custom Technical Solution eviti®

In a Feb 27, 2017, report from PRNewswire, a media event confirmed that the Cancer Treatment Centers of America® is now fully collaborating with NantHealth and Allscripts to implement what is now a custom technical solution to provide better access to clinical workflows for all electronic health records (EHR) at Allscripts Sunrise. The product is called eviti®, which provides seamless integration of the clinical programs that inform how the cancer treatment operates without disrupting the clinical workflow of the physician.

The Benefits and Features

What makes the new solution very valuable for physicians is the fact that it was built to storehouse all the input of hundreds of oncologists’ data across the nation about the evolving cancer care today. This comprehensive collection of data ensures that the physicians are well informed about their cancer treatment and provide quality cancer treatment that is integrated and filled with evidence-based approaches. Other features of the solution include a well-designed interface that offers comparisons of the various treatment operations available in the market, along with their average market price.

It is also highly commendable that the eviti® finds its core within the complete EHR and reaches towards proprietary Cancer Treatment Centers of America order sequences that display the most integrated approach to care delivery that assures that doctors optimize patients’ unique needs without the risk of overmedication. The solution follows an updated reference to guidance programs and various response rates that correspond to different adverse drug reactions and its serious toxicity.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s Mission and Goals

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has its headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida, and is currently the leading national and commercial profit-oriented network of five quality hospitals that serve cancer patients all over the United States. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is strict in following the most integrated standards to cancer care that not only uses approaches like surgery and chemotherapy and other conventional treatments; it also makes sure that the doctors manage side effects like pain, depression, and anxiety during treatment.

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